WSOP 2007: Gave one back

16. June 2007 | Category: 50outs

 While I had 7 suckouts in the 5k NLH event #22 today one was enough to throw me out of the $2000 NLH event. Over 1,600 players entered, 153 in the money. With 250 players left I had to see Katja leaving, she lost half of her above average stack with :Ah:Kh in the small blind vs. :Ax:Ax in the big blind and then the rest of her stack with :As:Js on a board with 2 spades vs. :Kh:Kd. She was left not even 5 minutes when I made my biggest, best laydown so far – I had :As:Ac and the board was :3c:Td:Jd and the action was so that I was sure to be beat and I open folded my aces and the guy showed his pocket :Js:Jc – wow. Still, I had 30,000 left with an average ov 27,000 (that pot still costed me over 20,000). I found :Ah:Kd in middle position, a bad player on my left limped for 800, I made it 5,000 to go, he called. Flop came :2c:3c:6d and he checked. I went all-in without any hesitation and he INSTACALLED, showing :Ah:3h. Wow. For all his chips. Either great play or just crazy. I had the sympathy of the whole table and 900 chips left which I got in blind in the next hand, ready to start another race as two days before. But it was not to be as I ran into kings there and within 6 minutes I was from double average to nothing, leaving the room, stunned.

Tomorrow I will make a WSOP pause – there is only a $1,500 event which will be huge so I go and play a $5,000 event at the Bellagio cup. 

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