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Digital Transformation Consultant
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Dr. Jan-Christoph von Halle

Hello and welcome!

Born 1965, I doctorated 1990 in economics and work since 30+ years as a developer, IT-consultant and programme manager in IT organizations of companies of all sizes, in administrations and government institutions.

I consider myself an all-rounder with a broad and profound set of skills ranging from programme & project management, ITSM, organizational & structure development, web- and application architecture, blockchain, crypto to infrastructure strategies, including public/private/hybrid cloud and VDI/DaaS.

I have collected quite a few recommendation and reference letters along the way. See also LinkedIn.

Since 2011 I am working mainly with the TUI Group, running different projects and programmes for different entities within the group. Recently, I co-founded a new blockchain project, docident.com, which is –of course– going to change the world. My world, at least. Maybe yours.

In my private life I play some poker and love horseback riding.

Nachfolgend eine kurze Zusammenfassung über mich:

  • Ich bin ein professioneller Senior-IT-Consultant mit besten Empfehlungen und Referenzen
  • Geboren 1965 habe ich nach dem Studium der Ökonomie 1990 promoviert
  • Über 35 Jahre Erfahrung als Entwickler, Berater, Projekt- und Programmleiter, Produktmanager und Führungskraft in Unternehmen und Behörden
  • Allrounder mit breitem und profundem Satz an Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen
  • Ich spreche verhandlungssicheres Englisch mit sehr viel Praxis
  • Meine Schwerpunkte sind komplexe IT-Programme mit vielen beteiligten Parteien, Infrastrukturlösungen und -services, Organisationsentwicklung, ITSM sowie Arbeitsplatzkonzepte inkl. VDI, MDM und MPS. Weiterhin Architekturen und Konzepte für Web, Mobile, Blockchain u.v.w.m.
  • Besondere Qualifikationen sind Verständnis und Umsetzung von Strategien und Unternehmenszielen, Stakeholder-Management sowie die übergreifende Koordination und Kommunikation auf allen Unternehmensebenen

Ich übernehme kurz- und langfristige Einsätze, die Konditionen sind meiner Qualifikation entsprechend, mehr dazu unter FAQ.

Privat bin ich ein aktiver Pferdenarr und zusammen mit meiner Frau Katja Thater züchten wir unseren Nachwuchs für das große Viereck selbst. Auch bin ich ein ambitionierter Pokerspieler mit ansehnlichen Erfolgen.

I am very lucky to be together with the love of my life, former professional poker player and 2007 Razz World Champion Katja Thater. Nowadays she is professionally breeding next generation dressage horses.

My daughter Patricia Victoria von Halle is Event Marketing Lead at ESL Gaming  in Germany and living in Cologne. My son Alexander von Halle started out in Quality Assurance for games & applications and is now an IT project leader in his own rights.

My sister Jennifer Ehnert is a well know stage and TV actress. Together with her husband Michael Ehnert she has her own stage programs such as Küss Langsam and Zweikampfhasen.


Following are a few key areas where my service might be relevant for you:

Digital- & IT

I'll define and execute a working IT strategy that fits the direction of your business

Portfolio and
Programm Management

Execution of large multi-project initiatives with lots of stakeholders, interfaces and dependencies


I manage IT projects of all sizes since over 30 years.

I know what I am doing.


I have extended experience in digital transformation and digital business tranformation projects


End-to-end view and responability attitute for your department or embedded startup. After all, I am developing startups myself!

Blockchain and
Smart Contracts

Since 2017 I am seriously looking into blockchain and smart contract solutions


If you need a manager to fill a gap, start a new service or support a overwhelmed department - I bring the required experience with me 

Next Generation 

Want your clients refreshed, a VDI/DaaS solution, support mobile, improve your network or enable managed print? I can do that!


Out- or insourcing? Want to improve service management or introduce a new service? I can help!


Here is an overview of my current and recent projects,

Modernisation of Shop Infrastructure (MOSI)

2017 - current

TUI Infotec GmbH, TUI Deutschland GmbH

MOSI is a programme to enable future retail improvements in 460 stores via a technical update of key infrastructure elements, including

  • a transformation from classic printers to managed print services,
  • updating the network connectivity to allow for improved security and more bandwidht along with Quality of Service (QoS) for VoIP and
  • changing existing local ISDN telephone and fax systems to a central, private cloud VoIP solution.

My role in this huge initiative is overall programme manager, including 30+ team members, a 3M+ budget and 2 year runtime with more that 2.600 affected employees.

Startup in crypto & blockchain sector

2018 - current

docident.com will be a service improving the handling of important documents, C2C, C2B, B2C and B2B.

Coming soon!

See complete project list on LinkedIn.


Following are a few key milestones of my career and education.

ITSMART AG - Founder & CEO

2012 to present

Founded in 2012 ITSMART’s main focus are projects related to digital transformation and IT services. ITSMART also serves as an incubator for new ideas like our current blockchain startup, docident.com.

Independent freelance contractor

2009 - 2011

Various projects including TUI Group.

IPC Content GmbH - Founder & Managing Director

2006 - 2009

In IPC I was leading a team of just over 50 people, mainly in creating, operating and expanding the intellipoker.com initiative amongst some other projects.

Independent freelance contractor

2002 - 2005

Main project during these years was leading the IT projects relatged to the new EU agrarian reform (“GAP”) revision in Baden-Württenberg.

Geronimo! AG - Co-Founder & CEO

1999 - 2002

Geronimo! was build by a merger between our former VHR GmbH and Concepts GmbH, an IT consulting company owned by a friend and partner.

VHR GmbH - Co-Founder & Managing Director

1985 - 1999

VHR von Halle & Riemann GmbH was my first ever company and together with Dr. Jörg Riemann and several employees we did build software, websites and -solutions and ran rather large consulting projects for banks, insurance & industry companies and the german government departments.

Doctorated in Economics

1986 - 1990

International degree programme offered by University of Economics, Prague (UK based programme).

1 year abroad (South America)

1985 - 1986

Spend close to a year in south america, Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay. This including some development work for local government agencies.

Commercial College

1983 - 1985

Höhere Handelsschule Hamburg with emphasis on economics.

Secondary School

1975 - 1983

Gymnasium Alstertal.


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I tried blogging between 2003 and 2010, both as a private blogger and as a business communications channel. I look forward to doing this again!

2007 – 2009

In 2006, while building the pokerstarsblog.de, I introduced a conversion and retention concept to Pokerstars under the proposed brand name intellipoker.com. Pokerstars agreed and I started building the project as a partner.

Part of this was to closely communicate with the rapidly growing community (1m members!) about our development, improvements, drawbacks and various promotions & events.

We included a blogging platform into the site where many now famous players participated (e.g. Poker-Amigos Jan Heitmann and Georg Danzer, the chess master Ivo Donev and of course Katja Thater).

Only a few of those post are still available, find them here.

2006 – 2007

Early 2006 I did build the german blog for Pokerstars from scratch, including platform, design, content and strategy. Available under pokerstarsblog.de we covered all events and happenings in both the online and live poker worlds.

This gave me the opportunity to travel & play all across the world, covering the European Poker Tour and big events such as the WSOP.

We also had lots of fun creating our own little competitions such as ‘The Real German Poker Champion‘.

From 2008 this task was transfered to Intellipoker editor Robin Scherr who runs the blog full time.

2004 – 2007

In one of the first poker blogs in Europe ever I described some of my experiences and encounters under 50outs.com. This blog was quite famous for a few years and had many thousand visitors per day.

Many posts survived the various ex- and imports since then, read them here.

Related: see also Katja’s poker blog.