WSOP 2007: $5000 NLH (2)

15. June 2007 | Category: 50outs

Thanks for all good wishes. They helped me.

I finished this big tournament in 25th place for a $20,040 payout. My 4th cash in this years WSOP. Pretty good. Actually pretty damn good.

Of course, I survived to actually reach the money spots today by a lucky catch, what else? We re-started today with 85 players, 63 in the money. It was all clear that I could not just relax and fold myself into the money (which I would have done actually if possible). Right after 10 minutes I was on the button, it got folded to me and I shoved all-in for 30,000 holding :Ac:9h. Neverwin called immediatly, tex Barch folded. Uhhhh I was in bad shape as Dustin had the :Ax:Qx. But dont worry, I made a flush around my :9h and doubled up to over 70,000 chips.

Like 15 minutes later I was in the big blind and had :Ad:Jd, it got folded to the small blind, David "The Dragon" Pham. He just limped, calling the required 1,500. I raised another 12,000, he counted his stack and re-raised all-in! I had him covered by 8,000 at that time. I went into the tank and finally called – he showed :Ah:2c! The board was safe for me and I was suddenly at 130,000, well above average! I have no idea what his thinking was here, I guess he though he might get me off a hand like KQ or KJ.

The rest is over 4 hours of playing without any playable hand. I doubled up one more time when I was already short with :Ah:Qd vs. the big blind which called me with :7c:8c but that only gave me chips to reach a few higher paid spots. I was never in any position to really attack the tournament. Finally, with 3 tables left I made a all-in steal bet on the button with :Kd:9d but Kathy Liebert called in the small blind with :Ac:5s and made a straight. No more suckout for me.

Overall that was the luckiest tournament in my whole lifetime. Still, I report here only about the lucky spots I found – there have been numerous great plays and good decisions by me throughout the tournament that helped me stay alive and be in the poisition to get lucky. I played mostly very good in this one. Toni Varjawand survived me to finish in 16th place – congratulations Toni!

Pros I played today:

Allan Cunningham (we talked a little about the AQ vs AK hand)
T.J. Cloutier
Kathy Liebert
Jan Soerensen 
Michael Mrzichachi

Tomorrow both Katja and I will play the $2,000 NLH event, if this is over for us before 5 p.m. we play the $5,000 HORSE.

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