WSOP 2007: $5000 NLH (1)

14. June 2007 | Category: 50outs

Just a short update:

I just came back grom another 14 days of tournament poker. Today I played event #22, the $5,000 NLH. 650 or so players entered, right now 85 are left, including me. 63 will be paid ($10,400), the winner will receive almost $800,000. My chances right now are not so good, I sit on 35,400 chips with 1500/3000 blinds and an average stack of about 80,000 chips but I will not easily give up.

These are some of the players I played against today:

Alleily (known from High Stakes Poker) (out)
Chris "Jesus" Fergusen (out)
David "The Dragon" Pham (on my right)
Tex Barch (on my left+1 with 260,000 chips)
Three 2+2er, all playing very good (2 out)
Scotty Nguyen (out)
David Benjamin (on my table now)
Dustin "Neverwin" Woolfe (on my left with 190,000)

You see, I am not in an easy spot. Also, I am embarresed. Despite my goal to play perfect poker today I managed to get my money in 7 times (!) with the worst hand. In 5 of those pots I sucked out, the other two have been the biggest pots in the whole tournamnet that far (so tex Barch as example was all-in vs. me in a 150k pot, he had a set vs. my nut flush draw with overcards). The suckouts have been really embarresing – I survived :Ks:Qd vs :Ax:Ax, :Ac:7c vs. :Kx:Kx, :Ad:Qd vs. :As:Ks on a flop with two spades and no :Qx and :7x:7x vs. :9x:9x. I was down to 800 chips early in the tournament when I flopped the flush with a straight flush redraw but my opponent had the straight flush! I gambled it up and was 15 minutes later back on 30,000 (10k starting chips).

Vs. Tex Barch I had the :Ad:9d and raised, he called me with :5s:5c. Flop was with one diamond and a :5x. He called a bet from me. The turn brought annother diamond and gave me the nut flush draw which I decided to bet agressvly. He moved in on me. The pot had already 70,000 in there and it was annother 30,000 to call, which I did 🙁 – no luck there, he won, I was down to like 10,000.

Tomorrow I will continue at 2 p.m. on my thougest poker table so far. My goal is to make it to the money and then gamble it up.

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