We got fans!

26. December 2004 | Category: 50outs

Blogs are actually read! Wow what an experience. Over time anybody here in my hometown is getting the word that our site is up and reporting about the usual stuff happening here in our games so I get more and more feedback (like “I’am winning also!” and “You write about me?”, no just kidding). Honestly we get a lot of nice words about the site. Thank you very much! It happened now two times over the last days that I played somewhere online and total strangers wished me luck! Just a few minutes before I played at party in a 100$ multi and was on the last 2 tables nursing a small stack when someone wished me good luck and after my inquiring answered “just a fan…gl”. Whoever you are: best2you, you made my day, which was bad so far. Bad you ask? Why can a nice sunday with new x-mas presents be bad? Well, because of loosing and little blow-up!


We played yesterday in a little home game 30-60, Katja and I both playing, 8 to 9 players. I got a good start and some nice hands in a wild game when the following happened: On the river I hold a straight, two more players, Peymen (I call him “Payman” or “Chappi” for dog meat) and Shine. Shine acted first, betting out 4 chips for a 60eur bet with what I thought must be a overpair or top-pair. I raised with my rivered straight (gutshot, hallelujah), 8 chips. Chappi went all in with 1 chip. Shine folded, moaning. Hello and wohhhoo as I showed my straight and Chappi showed – a higher straight! Shine throwed me 3 chips of his bet, his part of the sidepot. Chappi dragged the big pot, including my 8 chips. The dealer, Frank my weightbet opponent, said something about 10 chips that I should get and started to shuffle for the next hand. After that sank into me I objected and said that I should get 7 chips from the sidepot. Oh the humanity as Iggy would say! All hell broke loose as he rejected to give the chips to me. Everybody tried to help me and explain the situation to him but no way, he still rejected. We are all more-or-less friends there that know each for years so I already decided to let it go (but marking him in my mind) when he threwed me 3 chips and said something about “not believeing me but for peace sake”. I throwed the chips -with force- into his lap and said something not-so-really-nice to him. My friend Kai said he’s going to quit now, obvisously very pissed about Chappis behavior. Chappi stood up and said “then I am going to quit here also”, Kai’s instant reaction was to sit down again and say “then I stay”. Chappi stood there, confused and I had a hard time not break out in a big laugh (well, I was prepared to hit his nose in the next second). He called a cab but re-entered the room two minutes later, trying to arguee about the thing. I stayed silent when Shine explained it all to him again. He gave me the money value for the 7 chips and I took it (105 euros, I dont let these drop!) but I still have hard feelings for him and war is on, on my part. Chappi, beware, I’am going to take your chips!

Afterwards nothing went all right, Katja and I does’nt get any cards for hours and we left in the early morning loosing over 3,000eur.


Ivo Donev called me to talk about upcoming tournaments, he is going to Tunica also. He asked for advice about a contract with a backer which he got allowing him to play each and every big event in the next year! Ohhhhh I wish I could have one of those also… if you have deep money, like to read blogs and could stake us, don’t hesitate, just do it ­čśë


Talking about deep money, Daniel Negreanu did it again and won the WPT tournament at the Bellagio for a whopping 1,800,000$ first price. I had talked to him several times and had a email exchange with him about in-hand-last-longer-bets that I had “invented” here (pot-limit!) and I really like the way he writes. He even a has blog now about his live which I found very facinating. Well, him playing 4,000-8,000 might add to the magic, actually ­čÖé

I will most likely not post again this year so I wish you all a very good new year. January 1st the now inescapable weightbet will start and life will change. All the best, take care.

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