Tunica, a weightbet and bad beats

15. December 2004 | Category: 50outs

Reading all the news and looking at the nice photos at LasVegasVegas about the ongoing five-diamond tournament made me wish to be there even more than before. Reading Linda’s posts does not help either and if you see how Matt got motivated by planning his “year ahead” by just playing one event you easy understand why. So I was browsing the tournament calender and my work/project calender over and over to find a spot when and where we could go. After some consideration I came out with tunica. I have never been there but read and heard so many good things about the tournament and accomodation. So with just two phone calls I got two tickets set up and a room with a limo service from the horseshoe there. They charge a mere 49$/night for the room only and I got tickets for 450eur each so getting there is really not expensive. Well, I loose more than the whole travel expense amount in some of the smaller pots I play (see below) so I figure it doesent matter anyway. We leave here on January 13th!


The last weekend was a desaster. Thrusday night we played live half/half pot limit stud/holdem and I really played well but lost 3 hands the whole night that got me down from +2,500eur to -2,000eur. My favorite one got like this: I play AJs, raise the pot before the flop in middle position, got two callers. Flop comes A92rainbow, I bet out, one player folds and the other calls. Turn brought a rag and I bet out again, about half the pot – and got raised. Huhh! Against most of the others I would have let the hand go fearing AQ or trips but this player was special – he had no clue about holdem and especially not about pot-limit, he is a regualar 7stud-limit player, so I called. Turn brought a T, I checked, he bet, I call all-in. He opens TT for rivered trips and I am like “thank you for playing with me, sir”. When you loose three hands like that in a pot-limit game you can not expect to be ahead for the night which I wasn’t, lol. In the online 30/60 games I got roasted also again, loosing over 3,000$ playing three tables. I made the money in 3 out of 5 109$ multi-tables but could not finish higher than 3rd again. In the party poker million I got out in place #345 when I could not not hold to call a EP raise all-in having the BB with 88 and lost to AQo. Katja criticised me for that play more than once and I’am still figuring it out (mostly trying to find excuses for being either a big underdog or in a coin-flip situation…).


In the same game thurday night Katja was playing and while she lost near to nothing she could have been the big winner when she managed to get 4 players all-in on fourth street holding rolled-up 7’s for a about 6,000eur pot. In the end she had the worst hand because she did not improve while every other did – trip aces, a flush and most hurting, a rivered third jack against the player who had the most money therefore creating the biggest sidepot. But she took it well and played well also.


I am to heavy. The last month in our cold and dark winter here added even more weight to my already heavy-weight like body so I decided to some something against it. I found somebody with even more weight than I have and offered him a weightbet. After some consideration he took it. We are running against each from January 1st until April, 30. Whoever looses more gets 2,500eur from the other. I’ll will keep track about my progress here in this blog from new year on. Stay tuned!

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