Out of nowhere

27. December 2004 | Category: 50outs

…comes this post as I am back at my workplace in south-germany although nearly nobody is working here between the christmas days and new-year party on friday. Out of nowhere also came that super-dupper pot-limit holdem game yesterday where all our “live” ones were united. Ok, not really all of them but a table with 5 players giving you *much* action, one-super-rock, two good-solid players and two players overestimating their own possibilities it just has to be a good game and it was. The fact that I won a whole lot (Katja got no seat and was sweating me) makes this even more fun. Unfortunatly for us I had to leave early to get some sleep and my very-early morning train but anyway, it was good.

The fact that my new found poker enemy “Chappi” was sitting to my right and was getting burried made that even more fun for me. Chappi, I won what you lost, I promised to take your chips! Later Chappi offered me his hand (was I needling him maybe??) about our incidient and I took and shaked it so the thing is over for me now. Over – but not forgotten.

The game will be re-started today, Katja will go and try to win back a little also. It looks like this week will hold a lot of action for her… We even already planned a friday afternoon game! Friday will also be the “weighting day” as my opponent Frank and I are going to get our actual real weights (and a heart-attack on my part) and start our much-talked-about weightbet. The already running sidebets are favoring him (!) as he seems to have about 30kg more than me and we have an “absolute deal” meaning whoever looses more wins (not a percentage from source weight). Frank seems to be infected with all the buzz and offered me a double-up which I did not take yet. Not that I am scared but I believe I could get better conditions from him as he seems to have a motivation problem with that “cheap” bet of 2,500eur. I for my part are fully motivated and cant wait for the whole thing to start – as a tech junkie I even bought the newest heart-rate monitor with all thinkable features to monitor my progress. I made my goals and will post about them when the bet is running next week.

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