Ups and downs

6. February 2005 | Category: 50outs

Thursday I played a long night again at partypoker. Katja was out to play in the live PLHE 10-20 game (she lost small) and I played several tournaments and the first semi-final for the boat. At about midnight I got so tired to get drawn out that I actually went to bed for two hours and used the alarm clock to get up on time for the semi-final. I also played a 100$ multi in the same time. I did not last long in both and could get back to bed at about 5 in the morning.

Friday after firstly being a little unmotivated I decided to give it a new full try, deposited 5k into my account and putted myself on the list for all three 30/60 tables. While waiting I played four tables of 15/30, got stuck 1500, got ahead 1500 and finished about even when the first two 30/60 tables popped up. I played on these about 5 hours with big swings and finished where I already after 20 minutes: 2k ahead.

After a break and a dinner I decided to play the STEP 1k tournaments for the first time. I bought into two and got my ass handed to me in both as I busted out as the first player IN BOTH. Upps! What happened? In one I lost QQ against AKo when the flop was save with rags but the turn brought a king and the river an ace and in the other I had AKo and my all-in opponent KQo. The flop was nice with a king but turn and river each brought a Q and I was history.

I really thought about quitting there but then decided to give it more chances and bought into three more 1,000 STEPs at the time. This time it worked better for me as I got third in one (with a bad beat) and won the second (the third was 7th) so I invested 5,300 and got out 6,300.

Directly after that I rejoined the 30/60 games and got into a big swing right away again. Fortunatly I was able to quit on the right end of it and booked annother nice win. Now I quitted playing (ok, one last 100$ multi is running) and watch some lord of the rings making-of dvd while waiting for the next PPM IV semi-final. Katja is on the road again to earn us some well deserved cash. I hope she is running good!

Oh well, out of boredom I just joined annother 1k step tourney. Let my report whats happening here: in the second hand we lost the first player. In the fifth hand I got AQo but only limped. Flop came 89J, one opponent bets 30, I call, turn is a 8, we both check. River is the nice T and I have a straight. I bet 70 and he folds. In level 2 and 3 I got not one playable hand. Blinds are now 50-100 and 7 players have about 800. Level 4, I still had no playable hand, three players gone. In level 5 I found AQ on the button, no caller. Right when level 6 started I went all-in with KJo and got called by TT which won, I am out in 5th place. I quickly bought into annother one… not only one but two 😉

Early in one of them I got outplayed and was 8th and in the other I was a bit unlucky to exit 5th. I went to bed and woke up when Katja arrived. She booked a nice win.


Annother PPM IV qualifier saturday night. Starting with only 1000 in chips against everybody on my table holding 3000 it was a little difficult but I played with patience and guts. I surrvived a very lucky one with AT against AK but otherwise it wal all straightforward. I had about 5000 in chips (average at 6000) when I got AQs. I played 1400 (450 in blinds there) and got one caller. Flop came Q high and I played all-in. He called! I was happy when I saw him calling with QT so I figured he is ddrawing thin to 3 outs. Well, he was. But he got a runner-runner flush and not a T to win the hand and throw me out of the tournament in position 420 of 1200 players. Katja is not here to share my pain as she went working in the live PLHE game again. She woke me up late in the night and told me about very nice score that she did made. Man, I am so proud of her! She is the only woman there and is playing with a lot of persian and turkish guys there that have a lot of gamble and she is beating them up very nice.


Sunday I started early with 4 tabling 15-30 while waiting for the 30-60 seats. I won a little over 1k there. Then I got my seats and played for 9 hours straight, 3 tables 30/60. I pumped each of these tables with 2k and got busted after man up and downs on two of them. But on the other I made more than good for that winning nearly 6k there so the time got paid well enough. Now Katja left again to play the live game and I try the last semi-final which starts in about 15 minutes. Low on chips again and with a train to catch in about 7 hours I will play very aggressive and fast. Either I could leave Katja a nice stack when I leave for my work-week or I am out and we can catch 2-3 hours of sleep. *gl*

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