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31. January 2005 | Category: 50outs

Today is last day in january and therefore time for the first reflection in this year. First and most important their is our poker bankroll. While getting a nice blast in late december and early january we are suffering since we went to tunica. We played tournaments for about 27k (including satelittes) and lost it all as we had no cashout (see previous posts). The live game in tunica added another -12k to this and online this month is also down about 7k. Altogether we are down about 35k USD for the month which is not nice :-(. Online poker is tournament play alone as there was no time to play cash game (maybe for 4-5 hours) most important all these PPM IV qualifiers.

Then there is the pending weightbet. While the actual amount of my weightloss can not be disclosed here (the hand is not over yet 🙂 I can report that I had 17 training session during january and have been running 122.5km (about 90 miles) in these session with an average heart rate of 143 beats. This number is still to high, I know, I hope to recude it down to about 135 in the next few months. The diet is running pretty well, there was not one real “fallback” and I am feeling pretty well. The “belt hole” indicator shows us an improvement of 2 “points” (holes) so I am doing good.

We still not made it to the PPM IV (the boat). Our last try’s are running the next weekend when the last set of semi-finals is held. This time it will even become more difficult as thru the lack of cash game hours we have just minimal starting chips in most of these. Still, we are hoping to make it in this final attempt.

This blog is active now for a little over 3 month and got off pretty well. I was unsure if there would be enough to tell about and if there would be any reader at first but both concerns turned out to be not neccessary. Our local poker community took it well and we found much more regular international readers than we thought possible. In fact we consider us the *new kids on the blog* and found us to be very good accepted by the established ones.


The last weekend found me playing online one full night straight. Friday was full of tournaments. I played multiple 100$ multis, got 7th in one (470 starters) and small money in another (360 players). Then I played several partypoker-points freerolls, also 2 for a seat in the PPM IV but got nothing out. In a PPM 18$ qualifier with about 700 players I got 5th for a free entry into one semi-final. I played a world open (London) satellite for 300$, only 34 players but a full seat guaranteed (17k value), very good deal but I made a mistake and got busted in 4th place when I overplayed ATo by limping and re-raising all-in against AQs and got no wonder (maybe you already noticed that we are not used to wonders but I must say that thru the last 6 month our usual pattern “wonders yes, but only for the other players” became to a “wonders for us also sometimes, but only when it is not really important”). Then there was the friday night 200$ special and the regular 215$ PPM IV qualifier. So friday was really busy but in the end the roll was nearly 2k lighter than before… I am still in this “play maximum time, get nothing” mode. Hopefully this will break soon at least one time (maybe the million guaranteed?? lol)

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