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10. February 2005 | Category: 50outs

I have three favorite blogs that I check daily. These are Matt’s chronicles, Iggy’s guinness-fuelled ueber-posts and Daniel Negrenau’s poker journal. I read a lot others also but only in a fast manner with with my RSS aggregator or via the bloglines web service. Now two of them, Matt and Iggy seems to have some differences. While Matt is already the “most hated blogger 2004” and claims to be the 3-1 favorite to get this honor again in 2005 Iggy on the other side always looked like that high flying “blogfather” and has no need to bother about the daily in’s and out’s that affects all us others (well, at least not in his blog). I really like both blogs and I am quite sure I could like both guys also. Within the last week they started to exchange some “arguments” about something that happened in the last blogger tournament (see WPBTOnline for details about the series). It must have to do with some of Matt’s “trash talking” other players. I don’t know who said what and who “crossed a line” but the whole thing looks pretty amazing from the rail. In one of his last comments Iggy throwed in a line “u r evil. i just buried my best friends wife.” If I don’t miss anything here (in which case I will apologize) this somehow crossed a line for me. I mean as I followed the discussion it went about how to play special kind of hands depending on your style and image, how to handle other players in general and how to have fun in a blogger tourney. Then it escalated into something about “ego” and “arrogance”. Now I read about Iggys sad incidence but throwing that comment in was still suprising me.

With all these comments and stuff I feel the blogger community starts to get a hang of the 2+2 forum guys. Is the poker world (and wasn’t there a real world to?) already so empty that we need to blog about each other? In this manner??

Boys, turn on IM, throw yourself a “peace on earth” smiley and forget about it.


Out world is certainly not empty. On the poker side of things Katja went monday and thusday to the PLHE game again, got no cards at all but still managed to win both nights. Very good. My week here at my workplace went mixed, I played partypoker several times about 30minutes each, won and lost. I was up already 2k and was down about 3k, now I am a little short of breaking even for the working part of my week. From tomorrow on I will be in Hamburg again for the weekend so I have three days with very few business things to do which in turn means partypoker and me will meet intensly.


If forgot to report about my last try to get us on that PPM IV boat on sunday night where I promised myself to play “aggresive and fast”. I sticked to my play but managed to play only 2 hands when my KQ flopped a Kxx and lost again AK. I believe it was a little over a minute that I lasted in the event. So the boat will leave without us on board.

Out next trip leaving europe is getting more accurate anyway. We made our plan to go to the Bellagio event starting April, 4th for minimum of two weeks. Then I will work again 6 weeks and we’re leaving for the wsop early june for hopefully 5-6 weeks!

I have no clue how to finance all these (28k each needed for tourney’s alone in April), especially if we are going to loose big-time in april but that does not matter. See you there!

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