14. March 2006 | Category: 50outs

Last weekend saw us playing the tournament series in Casino Schenefeld. I must say that the event was very well done and was a pleasure to participate. Well, unfortunatly not result-wise as neither Katja or I made any money during the three event. We bought every rebuy and add-on and played good and patiently but it was not be. The closest was me getting 12th with 10 spots paid. We avoided a total desaster by winning in the sidegames. I played some 20/40 limit and Katja played the pot-limit holdem games where she won in every session. Good news is, Michael Keiner won the first event (read his report here), ending his dry spell and my buddy Frank got 2nd, so I will get at least a free dinner during this week ;). Second event was won by local player Mr. Nack who got great cards and played them strongly. He was in competition in event #3 also but then somehow lost his game – first folding 77 to a small raise (*very* unlikely for him, would have won a monster with a flopped set there) and then losing KK vs. AQ in a big pot.

The weekend was very draining for me: after standing up thursday at 6 a.m., working a half day and then traveling the other half back to Hamburg we went directly to the casino, played for about 8 hours before arriving back home at about 5 a.m. (friday). I went to sleep but could sleep only for 1.5 hours as the started to remove the fresh fallen snow very loudly. I stood up, did some work, went running thru a wonderfull winter landscape for 90 minutes and then back home, some online playing needed to get done 😉 In the afternoon I took a very refreshing 90 minutes nap before we left to get some sashimi food and then playing the second event. We played tournament and cash games to the max again, getting home at about 4:30 a.m. (saturday). I feelt asleep at about 6 a.m. when at 8:30 the doorbell rang and I stood up. Now, every other would go back to bed but for me thats impossible, always was. Once my head-machine gets started it wont let itself get shut down again very quickly. So I played online, did some emails and stuff and hung around. Katja sleept ’till noon and then we had a nice afternoon together before leaving early to the third event. After Katja busted out and taking a seat in the cashgames I followed her when I lost all my chips to a SB steal attempt which got there. It was about midnight and I should have played cash games to make up for the entry fees but I was to tired. So I watched the tourney, sweated Katja (she played incredibly, can’t give any details here) and waited until it was time to leave – which got about 4 a.m. again. So sunday monring saw me sleeping like dead for – 3 hours! Nothing happened this time, I just woke up. Ughh. I played a littel online (lost) and then went running thru the snow and coldness (but a very nice day anyway, sunshine, snow, cold, nicest city in the world). The rest of sunday is in a daze. Since then I sleept many hours and feel good again.

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Channel 4 has released the airtimes for the 888’s poker nations cup!

888.com Poker Nations Cup

Part three of the eight-part team poker series, with Great Britain bidding for glory against five other nations. Taking part in tonight’s heat are Tony ‘The Lizard’ Bloom from Team GB, Thomas ‘Thunder’ Keller from the USA and Katja Thater, an exciting new female player from Germany

So Katja’s heat will get aired next friday at 0:40 on Channel4.

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