8. March 2006 | Category: 50outs

While destroying workplace productivity just one more time last week I found this gem at (via I laughed so hard about the post and first few answers, just gotta share it with you:

New poker approach – not for the stylish players

It is highly unlikely that this approach will ever catch on

1 – Wait for a good hand before entering a pot
2 – When you think you have the best hand – BET or RAISE
3 – When you think you do not have the best hand – CHECK or FOLD
4 – When you are drawing to a good hand (when odds are correct)
     CHECK or CHECK and CALL
5 – Most of the time your opponent is not bluffing –
     they have something or they expect to have a good hand
6 – When you have lost enough money – leave the game
7 – When you have won enough money and want or need to be elsewhere –
     leave the game
8 – If you are new to the game learn to play limit poker before no limit or pot limit
9 – Do not confuse good poker with good tournament poker
10 – Try to pay attention to what is going on at your table and
       figure out why certain players did what they did and learn from it
11 – Have fun; if it is not fun – do something else

Not funny enough yet? Wait, these are the first two answers:

Pure heresy. Disgusting.

This is crazy talk. You suck for trying to influence people with this type
of scam.

I simply love it.

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