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20. March 2006 | Category: 50outs

It was a wild week and the upcoming week promises to be just like this again.

During the week I had a 10k upswing in the 30/60 games on pokerstars which always makes one feel good and untouchable. Wednesday I managed to win a 180 player $3+R WSOP-superqualifier which earned me a $650 seat in the weekly direct qualifiers (or 650-W$). As I managed last year to win a seat for the main event in the first one of those I played I think I will play, question is only when as the direct qualifier starts sunday at midnight my time and I have to leave to my job 4 hours later…. I need to find a timeslot to play there comfortably (or better just finish this f***ing job now).

Thursday after arriving home we went to a party, thrown by pokerstrategy’s Pius. I actually had to finish a tournament right there and won over 1k in a sidegame, nice party!

Fridays held the unavoidable downswing in the 30/60 for me where I lost it almost all back. In the evening we went out to an arranged 20/40 limit live game which was *lots* of fun, especially since Katja absolutly killed the game and I won also (small). Actually I was able to extract some “special money” from “prefered customers”, you know when someone is playing to tight and you start on needling him to get more action? In this case my strategy worked (and I got lucky) so I separeted the money from my other winnings and showed it of to my opponents all the time while still needling them, telling them what I am gonna do with it the next day. And as a person that stands to his words I did exactly that – we ordered a 120minutes home massage from one of the special stakes on saturday and a new graphic card and a new cell phone from the other special stake – THANK YOU guys!

Saturday then saw us getting those nice massages and having lots of fun before Sebastian from cardcore.net invited us to dinner along with his/our friend Jak. We went to a steakhouse on the way to the casino, it was very tasty and we had a nice chat – thank you Sebastian! After arriving to the casino I played some hands “chinese poker” with Sebastian (with wrong rules but did not matter, we had fun) and losing €70 there. Then the €200 tournament started and we agreed on a €100 last-longer sidebet. During the event (we had different tables) I offered a €25 bounty to a otherwise rock-player if he manages to bust him (he was not). Sebastian still busted about halfway thru the tournament so I won the sidebet. On the final table Katja lost 4 times with the better hands in all-in situations and was finally out, right before I lost 2 times the better hand in all-in situations and was out – almost. In the SB I called my last few chips against a raise with 72o, aka “the hammer” and won this one vs. AK. Wow! You know how things go, after this I went on a small rush and finally won the tournement (headsup we made a 50/50 price money split when I had a very slight chiplead). On the other table was a rocking 20/40 game already running so I just changed seats and the fun started continued. As I was to the left of Sebastian we started making side bets right away and did our part to get the game “out-of-the-dirt” by posting live straddles, blind raises and all this kind of stuff effectivly making the game more of a 40/80 than a 20/40 which throws at least a few out of there comfort zone. Both Sebastian and I (and a few other on the table) can not be scared by those stakes so I guess we had an small advantage there. Anyway, we both won about €1500 there (sidebets were about even as they should be) and had tons of fun. Katja was seated on the other end of the table and could not get her good hands holding up, losing in the end (and therefore not having as much fun as we had, lol). I remember cracking her aces with JT at least once and as we don’t softplay each other (but not check-raising either) she even started to needle me! Wow poor other players, I dont like that experience for even 2 minutes only and we two are like-married – Katja can be very intimidating! Anyway, a nice/funny/winning day, I can’t get enough of those.

Sunday I drove Katja to the airport where she is playing a 888-sponsored “Woman Poker Open 2006” in England, a televised event with some pro’s, some celebrities and some online qualifiers. I am not sure how many woman are playing there (I think it was 36). Anyway, her buyin got covered by 888 as all her costs so it is in fact a $100,000 freeroll. Katja’s heat is monday and she got to win it to advance to the next round. Good luck!!!

Friday night also the Poker Nations Cup heat #3 with Katja playing got aired on Channel4. We have not seen it or heard about yet. If I catch it somewhere I post a copy here.

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