The Real German Poker Champion

23. November 2006 | Category: 50outs

Upon discussing stakes for a rematch with Sebastian from in our little “the best player alive” competition we agreed on making this an open event so everyone can enter. We’re pretty sure everyone agrees that by playing a “best of 5” format with different games good play and players will be rewarded and the the luck factor is decreased (so Sebastian is dead money right away 🙂

We decided that we call the winner of this match -even if only Sebastian and I are playing- “The Real German Poker Champion”. So, if you don’t like either of us carrying this title come and play.

The Real German Poker Champion
The event logo, free to use

Here are the rules:

  1. All players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are welcome.
  2. The format will be Heads-Up. To win a round one must win 3 out of 5 matches in 5 different games (“best of 5” format).
  3. The games are Omaha Pot Limit High, Holdem Fixed Limit, Seven Card Stud, Holdem No Limit and Omaha High/Low 8-or-better Pot Limit Sit&Go heads-up tournaments.
  4. The sequence of the games can only be changed if both players agree.
  5. The rounds will be throughout December. We hope to have a final about x-mas this year.
  6. Buyin:
    1. To participate in the event you must pay a $100 buyin. This money builds the pricepool and will be distributed 100% back to the winning players (2-n in the money depening on the number of entrants, we think about 8% should be in the money).
      I’ll keep a list of all paid entries here.


    2. You must pay your buyins into the up to 5 different matches vs. your opponent for every round. If you win, you also keep those winnings of course. The minimum buyin is $5 ($10 for stud) but if both opponents agree to play higher – no problem! That’s totally up to the players. Important for this event is only if you win the match.
  7. The opponents will be be assigned randomly.
  8. Only matches played on PokerStars using their Sit&Go > Heads-Up tournaments count.
  9. To reach the next round the tournament reports emailed by pokerstars got to be forwared as proof.
  10. All players will have 3 days to agree on date/time and play their matches. Players are asked (read: required) to publish date&time for the audience being able to watch. Particpants agree to have their contact data forwarded to their assigned opponents.
  11. Results will be published on the german pokerstars blog.
  12. We will call the winner the “real german poker champion” and have tears in our eyes every time we whisper his holy screenname
  13. A german explanation of these rules (probably more complete than this first outline) will be published shortly on and the german pokerstars blog,
  14. (!)
    Players are allowed to specify one tag line (~100 characters, no html) of text as “branding”. This line will be visible on the result page on Only inappropriate lines will be censored, if you specify your slogan/sponsor/website/homepage-URL that is absolutly OK, even if it mentions other online poker providers/sites.
  15. To reserve your seat/register for the event send $100 to “50outs” (Hamburg) by PokerStars money transfer. If this event does not get started for any reason of course the money will be refunded. Please send also an email to me ( with your Screenname, your tag line (if any) and contact informations (email and/or phone, msn, whatever) to forward to your opponent(s).
  16. You need to register until December 1st (or maybe 3rd)

Right now I am trying to get some added price money from PokerStars for this event. Looks very good, stay tuned! We are not sure how many seats we will allow, depends how many of you guys like to particpate. Please note: this is not a PokerStars marketing idea. Sebastian and I came up with this as we are competing about almost everything (we’re also heavy props players as regular readers might now).

Fellow bloggers: please write about this and help adressing players. We want as many players in this event as possible. We also invite everybody to watch the matches (check for updated information about scheduled matches) and report about them as much as you like.

The Real German Poker Champion

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