Lucky Luckbox

29. November 2006 | Category: 50outs

Sebastian “miamivice” from is a REAL luckbox.

Today we had a “work meeting” all afternoon to discuss some limit holdem strategies and went to diner together with Katja before playing the bi-weekly €200 NLH tournament in HH-Schenefeld. After we all three busted out of the full tournament (30 players) without making the money Katja played some NLH cashgame and Sebastian and I played €500 pot limit holdem with 10/20 blinds as usual.

Right away I crashed with Sebastian, getting his first 500 with J-J vs. his A-K. I never looked back and scored a nice win for the session but that was nothing compared to what the Luckbox got. Not only did he win about 4000€ in the session, he also scooped the Jackpot of €2200 which you get when you have a Royal Flush. If that is not enough he won a very nice pot with the hand. Seb called a raise preflop to see a board of A-J-K with J and K of hearts, his opponent had A-K. Sebastian, holding the Q-T of hearts, made a pot sized bet on the flop after his opponent checked. Opponent calls. Both players checked the turn which was a J, pairing the board. River: A of hearts! His opponent bets only 100€, Sebastian thinks for a few seconds and finally raises to 700! No you must know that you get the Jackpot only if there is a showdown, if his opponents folds here Sebastian would not get the €2200 jackpot which he knewed!! Opponent only calls (both players had deep stacks of about 3000 left in front of them). Sebastian shows the ultra-nuts, scoops the pot and the jackpot.

Good thing is I get (yet another) free luxus meal from Sebastian, a “big” how we call it.

You must know that this comes to him after winning the Partypoker German Open (50k), two final tables last weekend (25k) and qualifiing for Aussie Million (15k package) and EPT Deauville (8k package) THIS weekend. What a rush! Congrats for the 100th time this year. I am speachless.

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