The Best Player Alive

21. November 2006 | Category: 50outs

Sebastian “Luckbox” ist back in town after his Singapure adventure (betfair asian poker tour). In his first night back he already made 17k by placing 2nd and 3rd in two tournaments. His MSN status message read: “Best player alive” – you got to give this young chicken some credit, he is only 22 years old and one of the biggests winners around here.

Anyway, I thought “I should teach this young man a lesson” (lol) and asked him for a match. First we agreed on the stakes, then on the games and finally on the sequence. The stakes were not that serious but you can buy a brandnew nice car handy from it. Here is what we agreed on: best of 5 games win, games are Omaha High Pot Limit, Holdem Fixed Limit, Stud, Holdem No Limit and Omaha High/Low 8-or-better Pot Limit. To not generate to much rake we played $5 heads-up tournaments on PokerStars.

First game Omaha High was a big fight right away. Finally I got ahead and won the game. Next was a non-brainer for me, Limit Holdem is what I play day-in-day-out, and I won that pretty fast without ever being in danger. Seb played that pretty strange sometimes, got to ask him about his thinkings. So I was ahead 2-0 after two matches. Seb kindly asked to move his main game, No Limit Holdem, up one slot and I agreed (we are close friends). Still, I tried to needle him and pressed him into a small side-bet for that game, one regular meal for the other guy with friends/family (we call this a “small” meal, compared to the “big” meals which we play for sometimes, you don’t wanna know all the tasty details…). He accepted, needling me back. Game was on. Luckbox raised the first hand and I called with T7o. Flop came J-K-9 with two diamonds, he bet, I called. Turn is the T, giving me a pair. He wins with K, Q, J now and any overpair. He bets after some consideration, I made one of my new fantastic reads and put him on nothing (AK maybe) and re-raised “all-in”. Seb gladly called in a microsecond, showing QQ. I was drawing dead to a tie for two outs, Q’s. Seb won that game after 15 seconds and a “small” from me, new score: 2-1.

Next stop: Seven Card Stud. The first game I ever played and the one I consider my very best although I don’t have that much headsup expierience. I thought this would be piece of cake for me but boy was I wrong, he gave me a super-fight. The stacks went left and right and the match lasted for well over an hour and was finally decided in the 200/400 blinds level (3,000 chips on the table). I got the lucky end and won the game and the match.

Hey Sebastian, who is now the best player alive?? What are you telling all you fellow readers on about that one? Old school wins? No way! Want revenge?

Sebastians corrected MSN status after “the defeat”

Expect to see me around with a nice new handy (Nokia N95 is what I selected) very soon, they are around on eBay already :D.

Serious: the new german champion, Florian “Morgoth” Langmann (congrats btw) is now also blogging on This one site has now most likely the best players in germany blogging all togehter right now – except me and the great Korn of course ;). Korn, btw, if you read this: any objections on quoting you in our next pokermagazine column “Hello, I am an successful online player. Now I want to play in a real casino for the first time. Can you give me some help? Korn, 25” ? 😀

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