Berlin over and out

20. November 2006 | Category: 50outs

We drove home Saturday night late from Berlin to Hamburg. We had a fantastic drive and have been home after about two hours only. Your own home and bed is still the best, even after all those those high-class hotels we have been staying in lately.

Sunday I was sleeping long hours, went to bed in the afternoon for two hours and then went sleeping before midnight, which means my personal adult life record in hours sleept per 24 hours. In the meanwhile I managed to play PokerStars new “Sunday Warm-Up” tournament, a $200+15 event which is perfectly timed for europeans at 18:30h german time. If doubled early with Aces but then flopped two pair Aces with ATo (flop A-T-7 rainbow). Headup I called a pot sized bet on the flop (planning to raise on the turn) but the turn brought the Q and now I had to consider my opponent holding AQ. He went all-in! This was a very large bet and screamed weakness to me so I called allin after some hesitation. Well done, opponent had K-J for a straight. My streak of perfect reads continues, omg.

Playing two shorthanded 10-20 games at the same time did not help my patient game I guess and losing my ass of there (60 BB) also did not help. I finished bad mooded.

Much better for my friend Sebastian “Luckbox”. He played about all major events sunday night and ended up being 2nd and 3rd in two events. See his lobby screenshots here and here. Congrats one two more times. This is getting old Sebastian!

PokerStars is now trying to increase sells in their FPP store 😉

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