Small tournament win

11. February 2005 | Category: 50outs


While I was was waiting for my three 30/60 tables at partypoker after having lunch with Katja I decided to join a tournament. There was a 100$ multi-table limit holdem starting within two minutes so I joined. I prefer to play limit tourneys while playing limit side games as I is easier to switch between these tables. So this one was perfect. 69 other players registered which made up for a nice 7k pricepool. The first 30 minutes nothing went well and I was quickly low on chips. I changed to surving strategy. This worked somehow and managed to acumulate chips. In the meantime my 30/60 tables came up and so I almost forgot about the tournament playing it on autopilot. The cash game action was fast and furious as always and I was quickly to involved in the big action to really care about the tournament.

I woke up when one player in the tournament stated “50, look, we are playing the same 4 tables”. Sure enough it was true, it was TheSeed69 who played exactly the same three tables as I. This guy is playing with 10k on each table always so I was throwing in something about the fact that I had at least more chips than he on that tournament table. We both had a good laugh on that. Then I watched how many players were left there and it was only 17! With 10 in the money not to bad at all. So I started to put some more attention to the tournament and when I reached the final table I even switched the cash games off inbetween to “deal me out”. The final table went forever as all the small stacks survived their all-ins. I believe the final table went for about 90 minutes or more which is quite long for these types of events. When we were down to the final 3 players I was lucky to have two opponents that had no really clue about the game and I able to outplay them. There was really not much luck involved as I would have been able to get away from any hand that I played. Most important, I did not get unlucky! So after nearly 5 hours I won this thing which was pretty welcome as you might know my tournament results in the last few weeks are rather thin.

How the cash game went? Well I can not tell yet as I am still playing!


Yesterday I wrote about my daily read blogs. I forgot one very important which is a stop on my daily tour: Linda’s blog, “Table tango”. She is great! As a dealer at the Bellagio the sees it all. If you don’t know this gem so far go read. Now.

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