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21. February 2005 | Category: 50outs


I almost did it again. 3rd out of 160!!! On saturday I played another 100$ multi-table tournament, limit holdem. Normaly I play NLHE for obvious reasons but due to my nice win last weekend I thought “what the hell” and played limit again. 160 starters. First thirty minutes, same thing: nearly broke, went even all-in once in the second level. From there on I went on a tear, playing and winning a lot of hands and I was never in any trouble again until we reached the final 20 players where I got two ugly beats in a row to send me well below average. I was severly crippled when only 14 were left but then came back to about average due to sheer agression. On the final table I managed to survive with about average when only 4 were left. I got KK, my first decent starting hands since these beats and got lucky not only to win the hand but to bust the other player also. I had the second most chips with 3 players left when my final hand came up: I got AQo, re-raised in the SB and had the BB calling (more chips than me) and the inital raiser calling. Flop came AQJ, two pair for me. Button checked, I bet, BB raised and button folded, heads up. Turn is irrelevant and I thought deeply. Would he raise here with a made strait (no flush possible)? As far as what I had seen the answer was a clear “no”. So I figured him on weak ace or a draw like 9T, maybe a middle pair with a backdraw like KQ. I bet. He raised me in a split-second. I re-popped it and included the same holding than I had AQ into the list for a split pot. River is another J. I bet, got raised and called all-in. Sure enough he opened AJ for a rivered full-house. So much for my strong reads here, lol. I was very disgusted and closed the table and partypoker within a second. It took a few minutes for me to realize that I got third in a big field and although I did not won first place money (nearly 5k) it must have been something. So I logged in again and looked at a nice 1,800$ score.

I played two limit 100$ tournaments more this weekend and got far in both but not touching any more money. In one with 90 starters I was 15th and in another with 130 starters I was 25th (horrible beat here, with AK against A5, an ace in the flop and a 5 on the river)

Besides this the weekend went very well. I won at 15/30 and at 30/60 good money without any big swings (3 and 2-tabeling). In between I played 100$ single table SNG’s, 4 at the time, and had exact the same results three times: won one, got 3rd in one and busted early in two. So much for the records.

Sunday late Katja and I were thinking about either going to bed early (4 o’clock leaving to the station ahead) or playing the 250k guaranteed. You guessed it, we played both. Katja had no chance at all and was out after 45 minutes but my story is a little more wired. Wired? How? Well, after an hour I got so tired that I lost any fun and searched for an opportunity to bust out without looking to much like an asshole. I went all-in on small draws and bottom pairs – and made them all the time! With about 900 players left out of nearly 1,600 I was close to the chip lead! Anyway, not even that could motivate me enough to really concentrate and play my A game. I continued to play such relentless and foolishly and finally found a way to dump all these chips. Now, in the bright light of the next day I smash myself for doing such a ridiculous shit like that but it seemed all pretty ok yesterday to me when I finally went to bed and slept within 1 minute. I really have to put up more dicipline there. These online tournaments just don’t pump that many extra adrenaline thru mein veins as a live one…

Speaking of live tournaments next weekend there is one. It will be limit seven card stud buyin of 500eur and 3 rebuys of each 200 which more or less must be taken by everyone so the buy in comes to a nice 1,100eur. Hopefully we will get about 30 players so the first price would be over 10k, which I plan to take home (and if not me then Katja, I’ll like to get pushed around by her 🙂


All this sounds very good. I shall not forget to mention my experience fromthe weekend before when I was four-tabeling 15/30. I lost about 170 (!) big blinds there in about 90 minutes. Upon ongoing self-analysis I realized that I got affected in my playing style by this and finished. When checking out the hand histories I realized that I throwed about 30 big bets out of the window due to this “tilting”. This still leaves me with about 130 big bets lost in about no time at all which was quite a not-so-nice experience. I felt like a total scumbag and the worst player in the world. Fortunatly I was able to recover a little from this later that day and on the day after but only thinking about all the beats I took still lets me get in rage. If I were The Hulk my feets would be green now – wait, let’s check ’em out – oh no, they are really kinda green! Did I miss the shower over all this playing…?

Don’t expect to see me around partypoker to much the next days; I made a nice cashout yesterday and as the next weekend will be mostly live action I don’t plan on refill it before the next million guaranted which will be on March 5th.

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