Lady Horror

4. January 2005 | Category: 50outs

Katja got a new nickname, “Lady Horror”. How come? We have a daily pot-limit holdem game running here since about 10 days, 10-20 blinds with a 500eur buyin. She totally cleaned out everybody. While some others may have won marginal amounts during these days, she keeps on booking winnings like 3k, 6k or even 7k. She plays increadibly tight-agressive while hitting her hands. Example? Holding 7-8 of spades and limping in middle position, flop comes A-6-9 of spades! She bets the pot (100), got one caller, and the button raises to 400. She thinks about it and calls but the only player left moved in for about 1,100 more. The inital raiser folded (aces up) and it was on her. After some thought she throwed her hand away and showed it open – made flush and straight flush draw both sides. The table nearly exploded. While all the disussion went on the pot was awarded to the in-between caller/raiser who said he hold QJ of spades. Baby, is this tight or what? Sunday was her worst day, she played already with over 5k and managed to came back to “only” a loss of less than 100eur. Wow! This is a really nice warm-up for Katja as we go to Tunica for some tournament action next week!

Same game: I just read something like “where else than vegas would a unexperienced player start playing holdem at 30-60?”. Well, I think we can top that. Where else than here would players that have never ever played holdem before and are used to 15-30 limit stud (“used” like going there once a month…) enter a deep-money wild-action pot limit holdem game??? Over the course of the last 10 days I can say that there are about four fishes already broke and some in serious trouble. My guess is that the game will not last long as there will be no more easy money and we will eventually move back to limits like 30-60 or 50-100.


The weightbet is on. We got our actual weights on Dec., 31 right in the casino. Frank has about 138kg and I got 110kg. There was a picture taken but it seems to be lost 🙁 If I find it again I will upload it here. I am on heavy diat since then and doing sports every day. I have a good feeling that I will win this bet and I am actually trying to get some sidebets running, but everybody is dropping out (while a week ago they had their mouth full of “sure looser”, “you cant beat him” or “his [weight] advantage is just to high”. Lol. I was told I should have bluffed the guys with stories about McDonalds visits, eating cakes at the table and stuff like this to get good bets/rates. Hmmm, could be, right. But, maybe, only maybe, I am already bluffing – you, Frank?!


Online poker action has gone to nearly zero as we are playing nine hours straight in the casino, getting small sleep and having many things to do. This will change on thursday when we try (again) to get on that partypoker-boat. We are going to play all four satelites, both. If you play at party come and say hello while they are going (Fiftyouts and MissSlick). Maybe Katja is changing her’s to Lady Horror. lol.


A happy new year to everybody. May your dreams come true.

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