Our weekend, Day 3

7. November 2004 | Category: 50outs

Low on chips did not mean low chance! I started the championship event today with a very short stack, went all in in the first hand with T2-T, got called by AA-3 just to buy four tens and survive. Two hands later I shoved my stack in on AK-Q, got raised by KK-7, called and won with a strait. Wow, very lucky. From there on I went to the chip lead in about 2 hours, which I held a long time. Finally I lost 2 big hands and came to the final table with just below average chips. Right away I managed to steal the very first hand with an open King, but that was it. One player (our firend and hero TanGo, who won 3 big online tournaments for well over 200k in the last 4 months, qualified already for the PPM and got 8th in the WPT in Paris this year, so don’t think we sit there with amateurs!) managed to bust out before me by hitting the forced bet four times in a row and then loosing his all-in bet against aces, but then it was my turn. I raised with 9K-A and busted unimproved against queens, netting me 1,500 for 7th place. Not bad at all, given that I just made the cut to the final and was THE low stack going into day 2. Mission accomplished.

Katja played in the stud pot limit game while I was in the tournament, within 30 minutes she lost KK-K to JJ-J, aces up with four cards and some other nice hands. Thru some moves she managed to loose only 800 when she must quit and leeve to go home to play in the PPM qualifier, which was way earlier this night. Unfortunatly she survieved only about 3 hours and came to back to the casino. I was already sitting there in the “big game”, half-half holdem/omaha, both pot limit with 10-20 blinds, about 80,000eur on the table. I was already loosing some buyins when she returned. Shortly after the game was paused to finish the tournament and award the price money. When we returned to the game it all changed, I battled it with Katja sweating me for 2 hours up and down (but no more new buyins) and then finally got a hand to win a pot of well over 7,000 and quitted the game shortly after with a 2,000 profit. So, the b&m play this weekend was very good to us, showing a nearly 9,000eur profit overall.

Online on the other side is so far a total desaster, with a overall loss of about 2,200$. When retuning home we were just in time to play the 250k guranteed on party, but after about 45 minutes I managed to bluff away all my chips with a pair of twos. At least we came to bed around 6am our time. But our trial is not over yet, we have a PPM qualifier and the sunday tournament still left to show up with at least some success and I am sure I will try a little cash game today (no action dryup over 6 hours on a weekend like this, lol).

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