Our Weekend, Day 4

10. November 2004 | Category: 50outs

The poker weekend is over now. Sad. It was really much fun with mixed results. I already reported about the championship turnout (7th for 1,400eur) and the cashgame (+6,200eur) but the end of the online tournament bonanza is still missing. Here it comes:

Sunday was our “slow” day, Katja went for some horseback riding which I also do on sundays but I was to hot to stay away from the games. So I joined a 6max 15/30 game and played a few hours, showing a profit of about $750. Then we went to diner with the family and came back just in time to get a seat in the a) PPM qualifer, b) $100 NL multitable, c) $30 NL multitable and d) a 30/60 game. You see, we were in there for some serious action… Katja was thinking the $30 NL tourney, where we got busted soon with KK against AA. In the $100 we semi-bluffed a hand, made it and still lost so that only 15 chips remained. From there we went on a tear, going to 4500 chips in 30 minutes when the following hand came up: we were in the BB (100), holding 99. Everybody folded to the SB, which called. We raised to 400, the SB re-raised to 1600. We thought about and decided on some kind of steal and moved in. He gladly called with his KK and won the hand. Upps. Now as I write thru this hand I see things much clearer and should have opted to let this one go. Still running was the PPM qualifier: there was a small bad beat to put us on 2000 chips with an average of about 4000. I was in the BB (some thoughts on my BB game are pretty welcome) holding A4, when 7 people limped for 100. I could have checked, but decided to make a move an moved in. It took 5 minutes for everybody to fold except the SB, who thought for a feeled eternity. He finally called, having me covered with AQo. The flop showed a 4, but the Q on the turn sealed our destiny. Not qualified. Mission failed. While I still think the guy made a bad call with his AQo he still showed guts and was rewarded.

The 30/60 game was nothing unusual for party, brutal beats and nice suckouts while riding a 3,000$ swing down and up with a $300 loss when we finally quitted our poker weekend. All in all the online experience this weekend was a $1,900 loss, but with that many tournaments and that many bad plays I figure it is just ok. Now I am at my work project again with a broken wireless board, so no more internet poker this week (I think Katja is going to play a little) so no more posts this week that I can foresee now. Thanks for reading, get some cards and GOOD LUCK for now!

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