Our weekend, Day 2

6. November 2004 | Category: 50outs

Just a few infos for those who care: I am still in the championchip, but with a very low stack. In fact, I will go all-in tomorrow on the first remotly playable hand. Today I played the last two hands “in the dark”, which means I did not even looked at my hole cards and raising whenever possible – I won both hands!! How it could got so far is a sad story of 3 lost full-houses, one lost flush and several times aces and kings up beaten. But.. there is still a chip and a chair!

The crazy cashgame afterwards: I played to two hours in a very tight und no-fun 30/60 holdem game to win 5eur (yes, five). I left and took a seat in the PLO game. In 5 minutes (first 4 hands) I made exactly 5,000eur (from a single 500 buyin). I played annother orbit and left very happy for the online tournaments.

If you read my last post you know about my nice run at 10/20-6max. Well, while I wrote the post I lost the first few hands and within 60 minutes afterwards I was down 800 and left the game. After returning from the casino I started plaing the PPM qualifier and the friday special like planned. I had some fun in both and busted within 30 seconds in both tournaments. In the PPM qualifier I got trapped successfully: I had the BB with QJ, UTG raised (had me covered, we both had more than average). SB calls and I call. Flop comes QJ2, all I could think about was the fucking Mirage if you know what I mean. SB checked, I bet the pot (1k already), UTG calls, SB calls. Turn is a blank, I move in, UTG raises, SB folds. UTG shows 22 and IGH. Well done and played! In the other tournament I bluffed all-in on the river with a busted straight draw and got called by bottom pair. Good read or bad play, eigher way, IGH. Now I am *very* tired, I pass the weekly PPM qualifier and catch Katja (she is still around, playing some smaller tournaments and qualifiers) and went right to bed. I fucked up up in the tourneys but I am still happy, why in the world does money make such a differnence?? I need to get over this when I am going to play fulltime (sometime) and dont let these daily results affect my feelings, but I am not so far right now. And: I dont care right now as I am feeling good!

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