This weekend

5. November 2004 | Category: 50outs

A weekend how I like it! I am going to play the german 7stud championship today and hopefully tomorrow, this feels like a freeroll to some medium money (about 45,000USD in the pricepool) as the qualification is already over 2 weeks gone and I dont "feel" the buyin anymore. There are coming 32 players from different parts of germany, many of them I do know well. The cash game is going to be great!

But wait! There’s more! This weekend is really full of online tournaments. Last night I did play: Single table PPM satellite, won. Single table satellite, 3rd (freeroll now). Multi table PPM satellite with over 700 players: made a seat (!). No wait, that was last weekend, I messed things up. Then the main PPM qualifier: arghhh, good start but after two hours I got KK cracked twice and got busted with AK. Meanwhile I was playing a 100$ multi-table NL and the super-thursday (150$). I got no money in both. This night, after wild action in the championchip I’am going to play the next PPM qualifier (226$ but using my satellite win), the friday special (215$) AND another weekly PPM qualifier (226$). This means three "majors" going on at the same time, ah I love this. And in case you did not got it by now: we really want to get on that boat!!!

Saturday will be no different: championship final, cash game and then annother PPM qualifier and the saturday $200k guranteed. Sunday will be a slowdown, with only annother qualifier and the Quarter Million Guranteed. That costs a lot you say? Sure it does! Now I tell you that I have still more in my account than before all these buyins as I got some real nice cards in the 10/20$-6max I played as my "sidegame" the whole time. Must be arround +$1600 now, wow, how nice the world looks when you do want you like and the cards are not treating you that bad…. I know, Sunday night it all may look different, when I made nothing, lost it all back, fucked up in the championship and still be not on the boat I will whine here a lot, but now… ah, I feel just great about the weekend and my chances!!!

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