Now that I call excercing

8. February 2006 | Category: 50outs

The Nations Cup in Cardiff, Wales in just one week ahead and Katja started sharpening her single-table-skills again about 3 weeks ago after playing almost only cash games since a few months. She is playing sit-and-goes online all the time and went also to our local cardroom last saturday and yesterday. There is two-table NL holdem tournament, €200+10 buyin with max 22 seats. Saturday she won the thing (but splitting the money 3ways) and yesterday she got 3rd, being in the cheap lead most of the time but finally getting three nice hands cracked in a row (about 30 seconds after I inquired about how she is doing, you know the drill…). She is also *very* successfull in the online sng’s with a ROI of about 30% (a good run right on time).

Remember Scott Fishman saying he practices for big tournaments playing small-buyin event online right before winning a WSOP-bracelet? 🙂

My own play is not worth many words these days – I play live once a week, win or lose a little, I went out of the “kiddiepool” 5/10 back to the 10/20. There I felt like that little pig just that the players are much more aggressive over there 😉 – I got hammered for 125 big bets right in the very first session, again in the most flesh-ripping heart-sinking way. Otherwise not much – I don’t play any online tournaments these days, I just don’t have enough time for them right now (things will change soon).

Can’t resist on that one: last week George W. Bush stated about Iran that “nobody can accept a clerical driven goverment that surpresses his citizens, having nuclear power”. Huhh? In poker he would be one of those guys always telling you how to play and insiting to be a “life-long” winner, ignoring all facts (or maybe blaming the cashier’s for not paying him what he should have won). Anyway, you US folks: you may have a wonderfull country and some great people within but your current administration is doing an bad job. Just my 2cent. Got to pimp Paul Phillips here, ex-poker, now scrabble master, he wrote some wonderfull lines about result-oriented people voting for torture “if victim is guilty”. Wow.

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