Nations cup

27. January 2006 | Category: 50outs

Katja is proud member of the german team going to the nations cup in Cardiff, UK, in February! She got invited by german team leader Michael Keiner along with other german top pro’s as Christoph Haller, Roland Specht and Andreas Krause. The whole event is initiated by, world’s biggest online casino as I hear. TV coverage will be huge. In germany DSF and maybe even RTL II will pick up the event. I did not really know about the structure of the event but what I understand so far is that it will be a series of single-table events where the players can win cash for themselves and then some kind of “main event” where money for the team could be won. I will post the details as soon as I know them. What I did hear is that UK’s team will be leaded by our friend Dave Ulliot, aka the “Devilfish“.

This is going to be interesting (especially when I am sitting at my boring desk while Katja’s going to the tournament… more on this subject in an upcoming post).

Stepping down in limits on Partypoker to adjust to the new players and games styles proved to be a golden decision – I win at the 5/10 6max EVERY damn day. Not much, compared to my 30/60+ action at pokerstars but I take it as an learning step towards the bigger games at party. I resisted my urge to play higher so far and jump directly into the 60 games – let’s see how long I can keep that dicipline 😉

There are more exiting news which are not yet ready to be published here; stay tuned!

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