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3. September 2006 | Category: 50outs

Addicted reader of my recent “publication” 50outs on Hold’em Sebastion “Miami” has made a first success applying the advanced strategies supplied there. He used some of my 100% working and self-tested “1001 begging phrases that really work” to raise himself some money for the upcoming EPT event in Barcelona :)!

Weconic posted a very fitting image of Miami’s work-in-progress in the Poker-Tester forums:

Nice one 😀

Sebastian is writting a blog on his own these days, (yes you regular reader, my former domain) and is posting there (in german) about his recent SNG challange: make $20,000 in 10 days by playing 10 hours a day. Now after 3 days he is already more than halfway there with 10,5k!!! That tells a lot about him: he play’s (very?) good, get’s lucky more often than not and he’s one lazy ass! If I would have had a $200+/hours expectation being only 22 years old I would have acted very differently… lol, I would still do.

Update: Seb just IM’d me “SOLD OUT! reservations for Baden and London pending!”. I won’t go into topics if staking for an +EV player is good or not (Erik Seidel once said: ‘I did pretty well in tournaments so staking have cost me a few hundred thousands I guess’) because one thing is sure for any poker player: it is way better to play staked than not play at all! I wish him the best of luck!

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