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8. September 2006 | Category: 50outs

Katja Thater getting filmed for WDR

WDR televison was in the house yesterday for many long hours, doing a tv show called “A day in the life of Katja Thater” which is a regular format. Yesterday they did the home story part, today they film in the Casino Schenefeld where the great €700+50 NLH 2-day freezeout tournament (the one with 7000 chips and 45 minute levels) will start today. The team was professional and experienced, Katja was great, fiming was smooth and without any problems. They even wanted to do us some cooking (which in fact we really do quite often and with lots of fun – yaya I eat too much, I know :). We did some real spicy thai food and after some glasses of red whine everybody including the film team was in good mood. After diner we showed the team the “Pokerschool by Tony G.” video to show them that poker might not always be that big fun. We certainly hope it will be a entertaining show.

As if a full day of filming is not enough we went to the weekly €300+15 tournament in Spielbank Hamburg and played. 27 players showed up, 5 places ITM. Of course I lost the majority of my stack late in the tournament – when all the money went into the pot on the turn my opponent was dead to 6 outs but as usual the river brought one of those outs and I was crippled. I got 7th when I went all-in with a small stack with KJs and the BB found ATo which held up. Katja got busted by Tony (not G.) when she open-raised all-in on the button but Tony in the SB found AQ and called, having lots of chips.

Katja Thater and Tony in Las Vegas at WSOP

Katja and Tony at the WSOP 2006 in Las Vegas

Back at home we worked for some time and then went to play some $30/60 on stars where we made up for the buyins earlier at least. Finally we went to bed after a long day at about 2:30 AM.

If you’re interested in the better images of Katja I created an nice “picturebook” page on her site. Also the flash on the home page is finally finished now, take a look!

So, let’s have some fun tonight in Schenefeld and good luck to you all!

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