Poker Nations Cup on DSF

31. August 2006 | Category: 50outs

Katja Thater riding Aurelius Maximus

Deutsches Sportfernsehen (“DSF”) started airing the Poker Nations Cup yesterday (30.8.). Commenting was done by german top pro Michael Keiner (not by Katja for obvious reasons ;). As I have written before, the production itself is top class. You see some amazing plays by some of the worlds best known players. I still won’t spoil the fun here, enough if one of germans most read TV magazines is doing this in their very first announcement of heat #1.

Katja’s heat is heat #3, aired on Sunday, September 3., 20:15 german time. Make yourself some free time to watch it but fasten seat belts. I have seen the english commented version of this already as it was aired on UK’s channel 4 already, where Barney Boatman and Jesse May did the comments. Both have been *very* excited about Katja’s play and in fact I have never heard them talking so well about any player so far – and it is absolutly deserved. Just pay some attention how she either folds second best hands or bluffs world top-class players out of their winning hands. Absolutly amazing skill, timing and fearless play. A pleasure to watch. That’s poker.

Look at Katja on this picture here; compare that approachable nice girl-next-door with the fearless player you see in TV there and you get an remote idea about how our private life is 😀

Here is (german) text on ISA-Casinos along with exact airing informations.

I get a lot of feedback about the new german poker magazine and 95% of it is positive. There are even some people saying our column is the highlight of the magazine 🙂 Thank you very much, we’ll will keep that column. Also next issue will have a special about Katja as I understand.

In actual playing we practiced some HORSE for the upcoming WCOOP at PokerStars. First trys have been at $2/4 because we have never played any Razz before, much to the amazment of the players there. Some have watched Katja playing $100/200 hours before and now got excited about playing with her in that “little” game. Not to bad in fact as Katja won about $100 there in 4 hours practizing. When I finally took over, now an “experienced predator”, I went straight to the highest HORSE table available, $10/20 and of course I lost like $200 in no time (but always on the river, what do you think?? lol). Still, some practice is well deserved.

Tuesday we both busted early in the €200 NLH tournament and went home, playing some more $30/60 but also no good. As Katja was traveling yesterday I went alone to Spielbank Hamburgs weekly €300 NLH event, just 15 players, 3 paid. I got 4th :(. First I went-allin on the button with ATs but got called by AJs in the BB and lost my few remaining chips then with KJ vs AK. Cash game looked juicy but I went home, my computer is not working 100% and I spent the night trying to scare WindowsXP by checkraising with some (pea)nuts.

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