Is the boat waiting?

7. January 2005 | Category: 50outs

As I am writing here we have started to play the first qualifier for the PPM IV just 5 minutes ago and I am waiting for the “Super Thursday” as my sidegame. My first hand was 77 and when flopping a 7 I won the first pot. Good sign!

We just came back from the casino where we played our now daily PLHE game for about 7 hours, Katja is already well exhausted and tired. We again managed to win a decent amount and I can report the breaktrough of 25,000 (euro) in winnings over the last 14 days. Today was not Katja’s day as she lost small but I managed to crack aces once and get the best hand to be layed down twice for decent sized pots to book a nice win. We are going to play one or two days more in that game and then start to rest for Tunica preparation. Ok, my part of this rest is to destroy workplace productivity for three days before taking off with reading poker blogs 🙂 as I start working Monday morning like every week but leave to Memphis in Wendsday evening (meeting Katja in Frankfurt).


PPM IV updates:
-After 55 minutes I am the cheap leader with 5275 in chips! Wow!
-Katja needs serious help with only 250 left at the first break.
-Katja went from 250 to 2,250 in about 30 minutes and is back in the game
-In all the action I missed the start of the NL super tuesday 150$ and came in 36 minutes late
-I managed to bust out of the tuesday without winning one hand, going all in with AQ on the 77A flop, getting called by A8 only to see a turned 8 and I am going home.
-Katja got a series of beats to bust out of the boat qualifier after two hours. Now it’s on me.
-Break 2, I got twice the average but I am far from any chip lead…
-With 600 players left I dropped below average for the first time as I got AK twice and AQ cracked within 4 hands 🙁
-Remark: very hard to resist chocolate and sweets here, but weightbet is weightbet
-Running better, back to double-average
-With 400 player remaining I improved to triple-average 🙂
-300 left, I got triple chips again
-200 players left, I have 47,500 with an average of 17,600
-4 hours running now, 173 left, I got 49,800 chips with an average of nearly 20k.
-Oh a cooler, I lost jacks against kings!
-Won a pot with 44, calling all the way, puhhh
-With 104 players left I got below average again, not getting anything
-92 players, one out of four gets on the boat now (23 seats)
-Queens holding up, giving me some air to breathe, above average
-Below average, lost KT against KJ
-Won a big pot with AJ when AJ7 flopped, check-raised and got called all the way
-Lost BIG with QQ against AQ when A rivered and he betted like crazy the whole way
-70 players, won a small pot with 22, flopped a 2 but got no caller, still way below average
-Back to about average thanks to fearless play
-Lost 99 full played against JJ on rag board
-Lost K9 against A9 on nine high board, one third of the average, IN TROUBLE
-Nearly dead, 77 in late position, running against slow-played AA
-The blinds are coming!
-Went on all-in before the flop on the BB with KJh and rivered a J against two callers, survived!!! yes!!!
-Getting no cards, playtime so far >6hours
-Won a BIG pot that got me ABOVE average with TT when crazy guy decided to check-raise me with 55 and I called all-in… yes!!!!
-Won and lost a big pot to the same guy in two hands in a row
-46 players, every second one get on the boat, I am shivering
-On Break. I got 57,000 and the average is 75,100. 46 players remaining. Just before the break I lost a pot with AQs against KQo when the other guy rivered an ace for the streight. The pot was over 50k. I would be smoother sailing if I had won that one… wish me luck, now comes the most important part, getting rid of another 23 players and NOT ME
-WON A 100,000 POT !!!!!!! YES!!!!! Details to follow, I am to excited right now
-QQ in the BB, lost a medium sized pot to K5 (SB) which made a straight on the river with a gutshot 4
-40 players left, I am exactly on average
– 25k above average, 38 left, 15 left to bust
– ok, stalling has begun, I got time to tell about my turnaround hand: I had 96h in the BB, a player in middle position called and the SB made it 8,000. I called. The SB was raising there all day (see above for his K5 play) so I figured him on not that much. Flop was A94 with two hearts. SB bets, I call, other player calls. Turn is a 6 giving me two pair, SB bets, I raise, middle position player calls and SB folds. River is a J but I bet anyway, got called and two pair WAS GOOD! He had AT.
-36 left, game is hand for hand now
-Made a stupid call in the BB holding 89 against QQ and lost how I should (9 in the flop). I hope that will not cost me the tournament in the end
-33, blinds are starting to bite into my stack, I have the feeling that I could NOT smooth sail, instead I got to play a hand or two. I am scared, but there are 10 players that have less chips than me
-Two of the small stack players at my table won their all-in games, making me the second-low in chips now
-Third one won also, I am officially the short stack at my table
-My SB enemy went all-in and got three kings against the other players two pairs
-I raise with KT, flop is T high, I bet, one crazy player folds
-I raise the very next hand with AT, same player calls, flop comes J high, I bet, he folds after A LONG THOUGHT. I lost a kilo sweating in the meantime, good for my weightbet. 87,000 chips at 4000/8000
-How bad could players be? I was in the SB, holding JTo. All folded, I raise, BB calls. Flop all rags, I bet, he calls. I give up and check, he checks also. River is T, I bet, he calls with 66, I win
-29 players, I am moved, 88 in the BB, accident, I have only 31,000 left now!!!
-Survived all-in with J5 on the BB against AA when flopping and rivering a 5
-I am the low stack of the tournament now
-In the money now
-AT in the BB, all-in, same hand as the raiser, split pot
-Out and over. 26. for 798$.

I played 8h:30min and went out in the BB with K7 (all-in) against AK. No seven came to save me this time so it is all over now. 23 are on the boat and I was 26th.

I try again tomorrow.

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