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16. July 2006 | Category: 50outs

We arrived home in one piece. Travel time was like 16 hours and no problems on the trip, no luggage lost, missed connection or damaged plane this time. Poor Katja – Friday 14th of July was her birthday and we spend that like 80% in some plane or sitting in some airport. After going to sleep Friday early we both woke up at 3 AM and stood up. At 6 AM our local ‘Stadtpark‘ saw Katja, Paula and me jogging in the morning sun, which has been unheard of so far. We drove thru the city afterwards, catching up with some things, shopping etc. until 2 PM. We made a dinner date with miamivice and went sleeping then. Only because our phone was ringing like non-stop (Katja missed birthday, family, friends etc.) we woke up almost in time, at 6:30. Miami was still at home, expecting us to oversleep (good read man!). We canceled dinner for the day and agreed to meet later in local casino for a ‚ā¨200 NLHE tourney and some NL cash game.

First things went well for both of us, I flopped a set two times and got ahold of a lot of chips and Katja was able to bust aces two times – first she had QQ and raised herself and got lucky to catch a Q and then AA raised her BB but she had to call only a few chips more and made a flush. Then within a few minutes it all changed back to our now usual pestilence. While I called an all-in bet in the BB with the worst hand (A9s vs. ATo) and lost as I should Katja reached the final table and when only 7 players were left (5 ITM) she picked up aces in middle position and raised all-in for about 5500 (one limper for the 1200 BB). One short stack called all-in and the limper having about 7000 chips in front of him also called without any hestitation. Showdown: Katja AA, short stack 54o and limper KQs. Flop is K high with rags, turn is save also but river is another K and the limper takes out two players ūüôĀ

Katja, still tired and out of her regular sleeping rythm got very angry and asked me to leave home. I was sitting in the NL cash game but who am I to discuss with Katja in that mood? I had not played a hand so far and just before my blind was up I limped with KJs, miami called as did one more player. Flop came J high with three diamonds. I made a pot-sized bet (20 only) and only miami called. I had him on overcards with a diamond like Ax. Turn was offsuit rag so I made a good sized bet but he raised me! I was felt pot-commited as I had only 50 or so left so I called. He showed the Qd4d and I was drawing dead. Nice hand!

We left home were I played some online poker, mostly satellites to the $370 “150 WSOP seats guaranteed” tomorrow on Pokerstars. In about 10 tournaments I lost in all kinds of brutal ways, alone 6 times I flopped two pair or sets, made strong bets but got called by good (and bad) draws which all got there. Add one or two bad beats and you see why I was not even close to making it to the cut in those tourneys. I stopp now before blowing some serious money.

I opened today a new online photo album where we will upload many many WSOP 2006 pictures from the last weeks over the next days.

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