Going home

13. July 2006 | Category: 50outs

Katja Thater 50outs Las Vegas Poker WSOP 2006

We’re leaving today, heading home. We will take care of some private and business matters back there and then come back for the main event, where we are both in already, Katja by endorsement of Pokerstars and I by qualifying in a satellite on Pokerstars.

Yesterday we went over to the Rio’s one more time to watch the H.O.R.S.E. event a few minutes personally and backbite about who is able to buyin and why (you know the “How can that sucker guy get together 50k but not us?!” kind of friendy chat :). It was interesting, they had about 150 players and if I would have had the money I would have jumped right in (yelling to Katja “go find some books about Razz, whats this all about?” like I did two years ago in the $5000 buyin omaha high-low WSOP event, lol, I got far there, throwing out Layne Flack and Allan Cuningham, “hihihihihihi”). Anyway, the players got on their first break while we watched and we had some nice chats with several players (some of them I know for >10 years, they are playing and I am railbirding, $!%§% grmpf).

Afterwards we went shopping, spending Katja’s winnings in the $2000 PLHE event 🙂 and had nice lunch and dinner. The night ended with some big swings at the black jack tables and a big arguement between Katja and me when I sticked on a losing table because “I had a plan” LOL. Well, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, true one more time.

So, we fly in a few hours. Thank you for reading here, I enjoyed updating you all daily. Over the next week I will return to my usual routine of posting once or twice a week until we get back here. Then I we will continue to make photos and reports daily – and get into the money of this damn main event!!

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