Dinner with winner

23. July 2006 | Category: 50outs

Make no mistake: the winner is the one in the middle

Yesterday we went to dinner with Sebastian "miamivice", a young hot shot and a good friend of us. Since Sebastian and I are always betting and money is no fun for us anymore (well, almost 😉 we bet on dinners! We differentiate between "simple dinners" and "good dinners". Our actual count is 5:3 in my favour or I should say in our favor as I take as many of my family members with me when it’s on him >:). Yesterday all I could manage was Katja and my mother for a "simple dinner".

I got very lucky this week when I woke up at 4 AM (still on jetlag from Vegas) and witnessed Sebastian storming thru a 1200+ player 40,000 guaranteed on Partypoker. Heads-up he was 1:2 underdog in chips but made a good deal and won >$11,000 there. As I was sweating and motivating him I was able to squezze one more "good dinner" out of him! Well done buddy and thank you! That dinner might be the most delayed poker releated bad beat to you the world has seen so far 😀

In our play there is nothing much to report, both Katja and I busted out of the €210 MTT in Casino Schenefeld yesterday (costing me a "simple dinnner" as Sebastian won the last longer sidebet by 5 minutes, damn!) but we had work to do so we went home without playing any cashgame.

Talking about work: you might take a look at www.pokerstarsblog.de. PokerStars, never short on quick and good decisions choosed me as their german poker writter and blogger. I will report about this a whole lot more in the near future 🙂

Wednesday we go back to Vegas, finally. I regret getting back home already, reading about all the money won and lost over there makes one feel left alone. I play my "day 1" on saturday, Katja play on friday already. Let’s just hope we make it to day two this year!

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