Double fun

26. April 2006 | Category: 50outs

In yesterday’s (tuesday) 200€+10 NLHE with 28 players we reached the best possible result, getting 2nd (Katja) and 1st (Jan). Nice! This confirms the already nice run we have – last Saturday with 31 players Jan got 6th (bubble boy, no money) and Katja 4th (when she lost AA vs. KK). About the endless other in-the-money finishes in this bi-weeklyevent we posted already here regulary.

Now, what is that meaning? Are we the best players in the world (lol) ? Surly not. In analysis I figure the resons for this steady success in the last month are a) we have a nice rush of races that we win, b) the competition is relativly weak (many newcomers, many tournament unexpierenced), c) we play a perfect strategy for this type of events given the structure of 15min levels with doubling blinds and 1500 startchips and d) success builds it’s own territory – many bluffs get away uncalled, many correct moves get called by the weakest holdings – and finally e) the other strong players are very well known and can be avoided. As an example yesterday I was able to get away from KK on the flop when I got check-raised to survive (and later win). This was a “player only” decision, against most of the other players I would have went all-in (and broke). I would coin the strategy as “patient in the first rounds, picking spots in the middle tier, playing super-aggressive around the bubble and getting lucky once in the money”.

Over the days we also played a lot of live cashgame which went as it should (Ok) with one remarkable exception: Katja made a nice 100BB+ score in a session.

Look at Katja in the following picture, does she look like she can rip your flesh? Surly not 🙂 but she will, eventually!

Katja and Jan enjoying family dinner

Today is higher-limit holdem time – I heard all kinds of rumors about the limit that will be played, 40/80, 50/100 and even 100/200. It will be 40/80 boys – I spoke to over half the players that will be coming and everybody wants to play 40/80 (including me) so I am pretty sure this will be the limit played, no matter if there is a single well-stacked well-playing guy that likes to raise the stakes 😉

On other news RTL is planning a poker-feature and has asked Katja – she was hestitating a little (they want to do with home shots etc) and there are some sponsor-related issues that need to be solved before she will do the shot – it’s all businessthese days.

By the way, did you notice the single most active tv-ad model these days, Jennifer Preuss? She is in the most played spots these days, “Du darfst”, “Activia”, “Alpecin” and “Hella”. That girl is my sister! Although we are in some kind of family argument these days and don’t speak much (two bullheads crashing) she surly is very successfull and I am very proud on her achievments!


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