Doing the Phil Hellmuth thing

19. April 2006 | Category: 50outs

Phil “The Brat” Hellmuth is famous for being the big mouth and the biggest whiner in the poker world. His outbursts are famous as is his saying “I guess if there were no luck, I’d win every one [poker tournament]”. Now, the marketing people from UltimateBet found a new gig: Bill vs. Phil. For years the Bill Filmaff short selfmade videos were classics in the online world – just gotta love them. Now they bring on that Bill vs. Phil match and this will be gonna be lots of fun. I played with Phil about 15 hours in some high buyin tournaments over the last couple of years and besides all his doings tgo keep the media attention focused on him I think he really is a great tournament player – I was very impressed by his play.

Well, Phil Hellmuth is famous for annother thing also: losing his tournament winnings in big cash games. This now is where our pathes cross, at least over the last few days. Katja is back from her vacation and we went straight to business:

Saturday 200+10€ 26 players Jan win’s, 2-way split with slight chip lead
Sunday 300+15€ 18 players Jan 2nd., 3-way split with slight chip lead (Katja 4th, on the bubble)
Thusday 200+10€ 28 players Katja win’s, NO DEAL

Unfortunatly, all three days we lost overall in the 20/40 and 30/60 cash games after those tournaments! Oh wow. The only day we managed to win (both) was monday, when no tournament was held and a rocking 20/40 game was played. So, we’re still up after four days/~32h of poker but only marginal. That does not feel to good, really. Katja is already ready for new vacations so we take two days of from live poker now.

Over that easter weekend something must have gone on in the online world as 7 of my buddies lost big over those days, up to 25% of their bankrolls in unbelievable downswings. Some of them recovered already but some are still in shock… Good luck boys!

Remember, April 26. we are going to play 40/80 or 50/100 in Casino Schenefeld. Reserve your seat, the list is already half-way full!

Katja got a nice interview published in “Sonntag aktuell” published (german).

I watched the 3rd heat of the 888 poker nations cup on DVD now. Katja was playing very very good there and really got unlucky heads-up in the end two times. First she bets a made straight only to have her female online qualifer opponent call and catch a gutshot on the turn and then her last money went in with K9 vs. K8, river 8. Ugly. But Katja really played well there, I hope the production comes to german TV soon. Contact me for a copy of the video.

Katja making a move on Thomas Keller.

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