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4. May 2006 | Category: 50outs

I get to nothing! Now that I don’t have a day job anymore it seems that I can’t keep up with all my to-do item’s. Between sports, afternoon slepping, playing live and online and working on some website stuff I really find no time for anything. I am stuck on HighStakes episode #8 (of 13!), have not seen any Las Vegas Series 03 episode yet and finsihed just one book! My weekly magazines are laying here, unread and it took me 3 weeks to find the time for new haircut! Amazing, but FUUUUUUUN !

Last weekend we both played some 20/40 on friday (won both). Saturday we went to Frank’s birthdays party instead of playing the 200€ live tournament. We got to the casino later the night and as no 20/40 was played we both played 10/20. I was bored so I decided to raise the action and promised to raise EVERY hand preflop for the ext two hours blind which I did. I even cold-betted/raised some flops in -the-dark or at least half-in-the-dark (watching only one card when being raised). In the first 10 hands I got cracked AA and a set but was able to crack AA two times myself. The game was on! No wonder playing like this I got quickly stuck about 800€. When I changed tables I kept on playing like this (they would boo-whooed me if not lol) but won the first three hands straight and got out of the dirt. Sure enough I got tired and went to normal-boring limit holdem playmode where I got stuck again! Finally we both lost a little and left.

Sunday Katja’s father got 70 andf there was a big family party outside of our town so we spend the night there. It was all nice with lots of talk and good food in a nice hotel.

On Thuesday I was able to win the 26 player 200€ tournament just one more time :). Katja had bad luck when she lost the best hand 4 times in a row and got eleminated 11th. In the wild 20/40 game we both good so it was a very good and enteraining night for us.

Wednesday was 40/80 time again, this time it started late. We played shorthanded with 6 players but it was a good game. Both Katja and I were pretty well ahead before things turned around and we got stuck. In the end we lost the now quasi-standard 3 BB (240€, togehter). Three times playing, three times stuck 3 BB. Is that my rate? EV=-0.50 BB/h? Could very well be! On the other side this are only about 20 hours playtime and around ~1000 hands so it says nothing so far I guess. I like the game I play there, a good mix between solid but unpredictable play, while I am certainly to loose in the smaller limits.

Now we take a day of from poker and resume playing tomorrow night.

Sunday is 50€+5 blackjack tournament in Casino Schenefeld with a 50€ rebuy available. They offer added prices, free food and poker cash game afterwards so I already bought us in! This will be fun, at least!

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