Shark gathering

13. April 2006 | Category: 50outs

Yesterday was the first of hopefully many middle+ limit-holdem meetings. We played 40/80, got a full table together and the game was good. I was lucky to pick a seat behind Korn and Miami so I had a estimated small positional advantage over them which turned out to be a big moneysaver as those two kept on crashing togehter. Korn played well but and got incredibly lucky in some hands. In my count he was domitated preflop about 8-10 times but kept on hitting his boards (like A8 vs. KK, AJ vs. AQ, A2 vs. AT etc. etc.). Sebastian played well also and made a lot of “a-game” quality folds. As the stakes were higher as most of us are used to play live regulary we decided to play no sidebets this time. On the shark-o-meter Korn was the big winner with about 40 BB and Sebastian won about 20 BB. Yours truly? Lost 3 BB. World order is restored 😉

Next gathering is in Wednesday in two weeks.

Future world-champion Timmy (“I dream of playing with Phil Hellmuth and telling him on every hand what he has, destroying him”) played Ok but to passive (just my 2cent, we all know you know better :). Anyway, Timmy is only 18 years old and really has a lot of experience already. If he would put his money where his mouth is he would be broke in 5 minutes but he manages to trash-talk everybody and still keep his game together. Well done, Timmy!

Today I will pick up Katja from the airport when she returns from her vacations, finally! Also today the DVD’s with the poker nations cup arrived so I will hopefully post some pictures/clips soon!


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