Day 1 in Schenfeld

9. September 2006 | Category: 50outs

PokerStars hat put up a dedicated section about Katja on their german homepage!

Katja Thater on

This weekend Katja and I are playing the deep stack tournament in Schenefeld. 67 players showed up! See the german PokerStarsBlog for some details and pictures. I will post more info once the event is over.

Other big news today is that US department of justice has arrested just another online gambling manager, this time Peter Dicks from ParadisePoker. See PokerNews for full story. Looks like US goverment gets really serious about fighting the online gambling “problem”. If you ask about my estimates we will see a kind of SWAT-team raids of currently “active criminals” playing in online casinos. Imagine special forces breaking into your house because some department from “homeland security” is tracking your IP-connections and detecting your connected to some offshore gambling server… Sounds like “this is never going to happen” ? Well, dream on. My take: won’t be your best dream!

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