Got 3rd

10. September 2006 | Category: 50outs

Good news, I got 3rd out of 67 players in Casino Schenefelds 2-day deep stack tournament! Katja got 12th after not being able to play more than one single hand in 3 levels. In this hand she had aces in the big blind and I had open-raised on the button with 44…. She finally went all-in on the BB when the button (not me) raised her and she had A4s vs his QJo but the Q on the river closed the tournament for her. The eventual winner was Benjamin Kung from Berlin. Nice job!

Benjamin Kung wins deep stack in Schenefeld
Benjamin with girlfriend Jasmin

I got a little more lucky, the actual “suckout vs. suckout” count is only 3:2 against me. I won pocker nines vs kings to survive the tournament and I rivered an ace with AT vs. KK on the river vs. an all-in player.

The tourney was organized and ran fantastic by the casino stuff. Congratulations!

I am still tired (onyl 4 hours of sleep) and we travel to UK today (and to EPT Barcelona from there) si I am short here today. Some more info also on

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