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9. May 2006 | Category: 50outs

People, surf over to Luck-for-sale and spend you money there! It really helps! I can’t even describe how much our live has changed to the better since I decided to end the bad run and just buy my fair share of luck overthere!

I reported about the transaction already in this post: Mastering the luck.

As if not living the heaven-like retired life with katja on my side would be already proof enough on sunday night while enjoying the fantastic well organized and run black jack tournament by Casino Schenefeld Katja managed to get three seven’s of spades, winning the “Lucky winner jackpot“, worth a payout of 5,000.00 Euros!!!


Wow what a break! The nice thing about this jackpot is that you get it without any extra bet. You just play your spot and if you hit it, you get the money. While for other sidebets (like Gold Jack, Silver Jack etc.) you have to place a (-EV) bet here you get the money extra (you should win your box also with 21…). Sure enough Katja had only the minimum bet on the box, 5€, just killing time while I was playing my intermediate step in the black jack tournament when she hit that miracle.

Now, missing the final table (and the money) in the tournament was not half that bad :-). My final table decision came in the very last hand of the intermediate round when I was the slight chip leader. Two people did bet the maximum, were able to split/double their bet and the dealer busted! So was I. Only the table winner advanced to the final table. Anyway, I gotta pimp the Casino Schenefeld for running the event in the way they did. The house fee was only 5€ which a buyin of 50€. Despite a very done organization of the 70+ players the decorated the room, put many small sweets all around (my dreamland!), had non-alcoholic drinks for free and a good buffet in a nearby restaurant. All this with a 100% payout, added prices (Ladyprice, Luckylooser etc.) made the event very special. Seldom you find a casino hosting -EV events like to this just to keep up with their customers and increase their loyalty.

Poker-wise we had a break even saturday, playing the 200€ tourney (22 players only) but busting both before the final table (booh-wooh). In the 500€ pot limit holdem game that was spread thereafter first Katja was losing like 2k when I was up like 2k then things turned and I was stuck 1k when she was up like 1.5k. There is more to this “swing” but it hurts me to only think about, enough said that poker’s most aggressive and lucky Hassan decided to take care of me… Anyway, the final result of the night was winning the tournament’s buyin’s back and 10€ extras 🙂

Right now we are thinking about going to Barcelona for the World heads-up championships and the side events there. It is not 100% yet but we both like to go.

I am not sure if we will have a 40/80 game going tomorrow but on thursday is the 300€+15 MTT in Spielbank Hamburg, which we plan to attend.

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