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4. March 2007 | Category: 50outs

>> is this blog a dead link?

Looks like. I have not posted since exactly a month and truly I’m feeling bad about it. I guess I was (one of) the first german poker bloggers back then in 2004 when I did start this blog. Do I want to dis-continue it? Do I feel tired of writing? Well, the answer is no. So, what’s up?

There are times when your head is full of things and you just dont have the time and patience to sit down, reflect about whats happening and have the inner feeling it would be good idea to let the world know whats going on and share your feelings. I guess this what all bloggers go through. Then, as a small excuse I have this german blog I write for pokerstars in Germany. I update that one a lot and it is quite some work. Go over there and just count the posts I have written since last August when that blog started after the WSOP 2006. Is it really only 6 month ago?? Wow, feels like an eternity already. But wait, I have more excuses. First and most importantly I am back in the office. Yes. Sweet live as a poker pro is over. Since early this year I work on a new project and have just established a new office. Now there are forecasts, controllers, accountants, employees, various problems, a small office community and last not least a business model to care of – again.

What I am doing there? Sorry, can’t tell you that yet. It is a project in the poker world and that makes it so amazing and mind occuping. It will be only a few weeks only until you will all know and read about but so far I can’t announce it publicly. Stay tuned. It’s big.

So, what else? I almost quit online playing. The last session was some 100/200 early in February where I blowed 30 BB in no time. Since then I played 2-3 tournaments online and thats it. I also almost did quit playing live cash games since early February. I get up so early in the morning that I need to get some sleep like at midnight now and the juicy part of the cash games are almost always after midnight. I still do play the local tourneys but not strictly to make money there, more as entertainment and get the office out of my head. This must be the reason I did exceptionally well during the last few weeks as I won 2 times and was numerous times in the money. Tournament-wise I am “running hot”. For those of you interested about “Hassan” it looks like this is not going to be his year. He clearly started losing and he is not taking this too well. Actually his game suffers. The few times I played with him the last weeks he was not really dangerous – in combination with his mostly big stack this is a promising outlook. To bad I am not playing that often to get my share from him – back.

Right now I am sitting in a train near Stuttgart. Katja is sitting next to me, sleeping. We got up this morning at 4:30, went to the airport to take a flight to Frankfurt. After the usual delays because of some broken parts on the plane we got there only to be informed that our connection flight to Friedrichshafen is canncelled because of some broken parts… they rebooked us to take the train which we did. We are on our way to play the Bregenz Open. The tournament is running the whole week already but we have only the time to play the €800 event today and the main event €2000 tomorrow. Both will be freeze-out NLHE. I heard they are sold out with 200 players, a great turnout. Bregenz is a nice place to be and we will certainly enjoy our short stay there.

March is going to be a hell of a month: Bregenz now (2 events), next Wednesday to Dortmund for the first german EPT event which promises to be a huge success (main event + one special TV event + 1-2 ‘side’ events), then Katja is going to the EPT Warsau, I am going to Isle of Man. Afterwards four events in our local Casino Schenefeld and then comes EPT Monte Carlo where I might be playing also. Between all this Katja has media work without end and I have a business to run. Not talking about my two kids, beagle Paula and Katja’s horses. Might get ugly somewhere down the road. If your interested in what Katja is doing media wise, it’s a lot. The whole month will see her hosting an “Online Poker Show” which was produced in London a few weeks ago (8 episodes, on DSF from 6th March). She will be in many newspapers and TV appearances over the next weeks (a lot have been filmed and shooted recently) and there will the upcoming 89sec pokerstars TV-ad which is very good (other than the short “Learn horseback-riding by riding, learn poker by playing poker” which we not liked).

Conclusion? There is a whole lot going on in my live and honestly will try to keep you all updated. Please bear with me for being lazy in these crazy days.


Oh, there is one more important thing: Katja and I are going to get married. In Las Vegas. During the WSOP this year. After all those years we will finally keep our promises. Details will follow.

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