EPT Dortmund underway

8. March 2007 | Category: 50outs

We arrived in Dortmund yesterday early as we had a lot of media work to do. We meet with friend and co-worker Roy von der Locht who helped us tremendously although it was his birthday. Later then players started to arrive and the last chance satellite saw 238 players trying to get a seat into the EPT event (28 seats in the pricepool).

Upon arriving in Dortmund Katja meet Katja:


Later in the evening we went to the PokerStars welcome party which was the best party of all EPT partys so far – very nice location, good food, good show, nice people, just perfect. Katja got tired around midnight so I dropped her in the hotel and went to the Casino again, watching the action.

Of course everybody playing resonable poker in Germany is here so this is a real ‘come togehter’ of long time friends and buddies.

I did not play any games (also too tired) but talked half of the night. Today day 1A will begin but about everyone I know will be playing day 1B like me.


Katja is also playing 1B but they do some special TV tournament today (single table "showpoker") so she is busy with media again all day. I will watch and enjoy 😀

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