4. February 2007 | Category: 50outs

Have you seen these persons?


This is a picture from the most current German Pokermagazine where we used to write a column. We have not written a column in the actual magazine because there have been issues. Bad issues. Such as editing our writings without double-chcking with us. Such as replacing images without our knowledge. Such as not paying our invoice.

So, when we hesitated to supply our work for January they first offered us to have the column written by “ghost writers” which we declined. Then the talkings stopped. Now theres the magazine with a column, written only-god-knows-who those “unknown” authors are.

Ahhh, it’s “Magdalena” and “Martin”

Just thought to let you all know, thats not us. While Katja is certainly looking better than “Magdalena” one might argue that “Martin” is looking better than me 😀 – I think they should keep those “writers” and see how things go in the future.

* * * * * *

Other than that, I am busy. So busy that I can hardly maintain the German PokerStars blog. I am working long hours every day on a very interesting project (more on that soon) and I am also still playing live a lot. Twice a week wth the now famous Hassan, who must be up for January like 40k in my calculations. Hassan asked me to not write any stories about him anymore – when a few weeks ago some totally unknown player watched our table, ready to play but not sitting down because “Hassan is to dangerous for me” he got worried about his “true win rate”, lol. All I can say is, he is still hot and calling a raise 540 euro bet and a 1,500 euro reraise with 40 in the pot and K-9 offsuit in the hand is a non-brainer to him (beating K-K and A-A there on the J-T-3-Q-Q board is self-evident). Only thing unusual is I was not the poor guy holding Aces, in was not even in that pot 😉

Other news: Sebastian and me are organicing the “Real German Poker Championship” in 2007 again, this time with a $1000 buyin and 32 players only. Will be an interesting event. See www.pokerstarsblog.de for details. I will play in Bregenz and EPT Dortmund in March, I got seats for both events. Katja is in London this week, doing some DSF-TV stuff.

For you loyal readers asking if I am fine and for more posts: thank you very much, yes, I’m perfect. This is a busy time in my life but I will not forget this blog, even if I am not updateing to often right now. Thanks for coming here.

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