15 minutes

7. August 2005 | Category: 50outs

15 minutes in the life of a not-so-lucky poker player:

Pokerstars $109+R rebuy tournament, it’s the first after the break. I managed to not need an rebuy, build a stack of 8,000 chips and take the add-on only so I have a little over 10,000 in chips for 7th chip position with about 80 players left. I find AA in early-middle position and make a big raise, about 3.5 times the big blind. I get two callers. The flop comes with T83 rainbow and I bet strong. One guy raises me, he’s all-in. I have him covered, I call. He’s got 88 and I don’t improve so there I am with busted aces and about 2,000 left. The next hand I get rags but then in I get KK and call a UTG players raise. I figure my stack to low to scare anybody off so I take my chances. One more caller and we see a flop, J high. Guy bets a little, I raise all-in (not even a full raise) and other players call. Turn is a Q, they check. River is a Q, check-bet-fold, guy shows QTs and I am out. Very nice.

I play 2 more tables 30/60 at the same time. About 5 minutes after I busted out, I had just called Katja in Schenefeld she is playing limit holdem live there, I get AA cracked by 33 in a big heads-up pot. One minutes later I lose 55 on a 57K flop against JJ when a J showed up on the river.

This is just a short outtake from the 5,000 hands I played this weekend already with a up- and downswings in the 5k area. The action is wild and the players there play and hit every kind of hand. To play there and still sleep well you got to have good nerves, lol. I do.

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