There is hope

4. August 2005 | Category: 50outs

I just hit an one outer on the river! In a 30/60 game on stars I raised in MP holdeing the 65 of clubs. One caller, poor guy “laker_fan”. Flop came down T77 with the 7 of clubs. I bet, got called. Honestly, I would have folded here if getting re-raised. Turn comes the 9 of clubs, now I picked up a flush draw and an inside straight draw. I did bet, got raised and raised again, hoping to take it down on river get lucky. River was the eight of clubs, giving me a straight flush. I thought for a second but decided against a check-raise-try as I will win it either uncontested (leaving everyone in the dark about my miracle gutshot) or I will get raised in case he really has that 7. So I did bet – wonderfull, he raised! I made it three bets and he capped it. I could only call and he showed 97 for a full-house and I took down a wonderful pot (not really regarding size but it looks like ages since I got lucky like this in a hand).

I know from previous bad streaks (did I talk about my 2 year loosing streak in 2000 so far? lol) that they end for me with a big-bang, a turning point, a very feelable moment. Like a baloon finally getting busted. This hand could it be!

I will stick to my (newly adjusted) game and results will show us. But, just in case it may be true I will play some higher-buy tournament this coming weekend…

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