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10. August 2005 | Category: 50outs

142_4224*edited 08/12/2005*: due to several comments and emails I changed the title of this post. I was not aware that BJ also means “blowjob” in US/UK slang. Damn, if I could only remember if I got one sunday night I could have left the title as it was and change the writing… would you guys be more interested in a sex-life blog? Well, there was this nasty little… dream on!

Sunday evening we played a small entry black jack tournament in our local “casino”, Ca-sino Schenefeld. The initial buyin was 50eur for each of us and there was one possible rebuy for another 50eur. There was food for free and Katja had bought us in some days before so we went there. The rules: two qualification rounds (the second one needed a rebuy), the chip leader of each table is qualified for the semi-finals directly. 21 players in semi-final, the rest is determined by chip count. They had about 47 players, 100% payout, this “beach-chair” you see in the picture added for 1st place, 3 extra lady prices, a lucky loser price and a free tombola with 2 paid entries into the “german black jack championship”, valueing a whooping 100eur each! So I guess the overlay you get there is pretty big especially considering the bunch of the worst black jack players in the world sitting there (12 against picture or ace is a sure “rest” in their mind) I would say that any decent player should be a 30% favorite to make something there.

Of course, I was one of the very first to bust out. Katja played great and won a lot of chips but in the last two hands one lady played maximum and won both hands with BJ so she was only second in chips on her table which meant not surly qualified for the semi. We both bought into the second round. Naturally, I busted and Katja won her table. In fact she was double-qualified thru her nice stack from the first round and I was a broken railbird (so everything went like usual for us, really). I went home to play Sunday nights tournaments on party and stars while she stayed there to play the semi-final and hopefully the final table.

I came home just in time to play the tournaments. In the stars tournament I played good and tight and then awful bad: on a K-high checked flop I made a bet when an ace appeared on the turn and called the re-raise all-in with my Ats. Of course the other guy had AQ and I was gone, a questionable play by him but mine was much worse. I am not talking about the raise when the ace appeared but about a) being in the hand in first place and b) calling that re-raise. I really played as bad as one can there. In partys event I was card dead. I had one big hand very early when I raised with KK to 90 (BB being 30) and got one caller for a flop of 3K3. Even two times checking and making a small bet on the river got me no more action so I won a very small pot only. I was down to 800 in chips when I shoved all-in with QQ 90 min-utes into the tournament only to get called by a big stack with KTs and staring at a KK7 flop. So much for that. About 3 minutes after I busted out of both Katja called me to tell that she made it to the final table of the black jack tournament. Wow. She finally made a 5th place for a 300eur payout and also won a ladys price so we made a 100euro that night. As I took the car to drive home she needed to be dropped at home by some guys which made a city sightsee-ing tour with her just to keep her company somewhat longer…

I played about 10k hands at 30/60 and 100/200 the last week and although the “drop time” feet to be longer than usual I still made no turn-around and lost about $1500. I know, nothing for these games but anyway, a win would feel much better.

Katja goes to the low limit live holdem game whenevr possible and manages to bring home money nearly each time (righ now she has 6 winning session and 1 loser there). Honey, what would I do without you? As Chip Jett already said: “I try to lose less than she [his wife Karina] makes”. Oh so true!

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