WSOP 2007: Travel day

1. June 2007 | Category: 50outs

It’s obvious, we have been very busy lately getting the service of IntelliPoker defined, discussed and agreed upon. Not we established some deals and technical foundations that allows us to report about this year’s WSOP already here. While everybody not speaking German will not find that much valuable here this season my private blog will remain alive and kicking – in English.

About IP being available in other languages than German – that’ definitely planned but will not be real soon – don’t expect IP in English this year.

So, we worked yesterday until 3:30 a.m. and had to leave the house at 5:00 a.m.  so only about an hour of sleep which is actually a good thing when you have a long flight ahead. Katja had started to pack our bags only after midnight so things got a little crazy this morning. The trip went smooth, getting to Frankfurt first, entering a nonstop flight to Las Vegas there, flight time 10 hours 45 minutes. We catched some sleep while traveling and overall it was a boring but good trip. There have been some other poker players on the plane also like Michael Keiner with his wife so we had some fun. Most noteable, for me, was Davood Mehrmand – he entered the bus driving us to the plane and stood right next to Katja and me. He immediately started to complain in his usual style about me writing that I consider him my friend. We had an unpleasant five minute long argument there with him threatening me in all kind of ways, from legal “my Lawyer will take your site down but you have no money and I don’t have any time” to more personal “I will find you anywhere with my Frankfurt boys” or “I will take Katja’s career down by talking to my friends at PokerStars”. It was absolute ridiculous but still disturbing. Katja later said “now you have your own personal stalker like I have two already” to me and I guess she is right. Note to Davood – in case you still haven’t got it: I never called you my friend and I never will. Looks like not only sarcasm is lost on you.

Having arrived in Las Vegas we have been picked up by a limo from the Wynn. There is nothing better than losing your ass of playing some high limit black jack and being rated by the casino for this… talk about losing – a broke a new record. My former record was losing all the bankroll and travel money within the first two hours after arriving in Vegas with a scheduled, unchangeable back flight two week later (surviving only by ‘gambling’ on the ATM with some credit card), this happened about 5 or six years ago I guess but this time I topped that forever – I lose the money already before arriving in Vegas! What happened? We did some wire funds but it is lost! It is not exactly change money so I guess it will be found, this way or the other but we cannot access it as planned. Good think we have brought some money in cash and a nice credit line established at the Wynn. Ahhhh playing poker on casino credit – that’s perfect poker pro style. If we lose and the wire can’t be found I guess we will visit some never-seen-before areas of the casino… just kidding on that of course – I hope.

In the hotel lobby we got grabbed by some senior host and dragged to the Very-VIP checkin  (are they really thaaat happy to see us again? How much did we lost here last year??). It was all a breathe, nice strip view room, getting to the main cage, “no sir, the wire is still not found, but I have good news for you – obvious you forget XXXXX$ at the Mirage here more than 5 years ago, this money was returned by law to the state of Nevada “. Both Katja and I keept a straight poker face – forgot that kind money? Impossible. I hope. If not might be the first good beat of the day. We’ll find out.

After getting to the room we showed our Vegas excitement by sleeping for 8+ ours (I have not slept that long in the last 4 months) and doing some unspeakable personal things. Now it is very early here and I will check out the Rio soon, avoiding all long registration lines this way hopefully. Both Katja and I are playing event #1, the $5,000 Mixed Holdem Championship. I have never before played a mixed event where Limit and No Limit Holdem is played for 30 minutes each and then changed. Neiher has Katja. Will be interesting.

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