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6. September 2005 | Category: 50outs

Another week full of poker is over. Since the small money I made in stars sunday $215 tourney I played about 25k hands, mostly 30/60 and tournaments. In mondays $100+R I played and made the money (6th for $2500). I did need no rebuys and made only the add-on. In fact it was a combined success, as the battery on my laptop was empty when there were still 18 players left and Katja had to take over the tournament. With about 30 players I was short stacked and promised Katja to either bust or leave her an average stack to play with and fortunatly I was able to win a few pots.

I played about 40-50 more tournaments but made nothing great in those. I was able to qualify me for 300 FPP for the 3,000 FPP Baden EPT satellite and for $26 (buyin and add-on) for the Baden EPT $380 satellite but in both of them did not make the final qualifier. In the cash qualifier it was close, being 17th with 5 getting a seat and having top pair/top kicker on the flop but a flush got there on the turn and that was it to me.

The results are OK for the time invested but not really great. Would I not have played all those tournaments then I would be a 10k winner, roughly.

On sunday I double-played the WCOOP’s first event, a $500+30 NLHE event with $800,000 guaranteed. More than 3,000 players entered but I had no chance. I lost a mega-pot to bust out holding AJs in the BB: there was small raise preflop which I called to see a flop of JJQ. Other played bets pot-size, I call. Turn is a 4, he bets, I move in. He has me covered and calls. I show, he show’s 33. Wow. River 3. Ugh. I would be in the top 10 as I had almost 6000 chips at this time. Not nice.

Katja finally has enough of online limit holdem. She always hated it but gave it another try in the last weeks, mostly 5/10. Now she picked up PLO and her results are *much* better. I wonder how long it takes for her to play thru the limits and reach the $2,000 buyin tables. I watched those and her some time and she really has all whats needed to win there (mostly patience and dicipline) and when she keeps up the good results from the last time her roll be big enough pretty soon 🙂

Katja also made 2nd place in two PLHE tournaments with a lot of players this week. Very nice!

This week is full of WCOOP events at stars but I will play only from thurday on. Todays event is already sold out, tomorrow evening I will be playing pool, dart and table soccer for serious stakes with a friend. So my next event will be thursdays NLHE with rebuys and then every day including monday.

I started to play some 100-200 again and won a little amount, time to get my game sharp there again in case we go to EPT/Stud championship in Baden which has some higher limit sidegames going, 100-200, 200/400 and maybe 300/600 (all euros). We are still not sure about going there this year, it will be a very expensive week – 4,000eur EPT NLHE, 3,000eur stud championship, >3k travel expenses and the needed money for the cash games (big big PLO games going there!, min. 3,000eur buyin), all this for us two makes me believe without about 50k we dont need to go there. Unfortuantly, I somehow seem to have forgotten this money in Vegas last time we went there… if we go depends a lot on how this month will go for us, in case we make something noteable either in cash games or WCOOP events we would most surly go there as the event is very nice, the action is incredible and the food is the best.

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