$3 qualifier

29. August 2005 | Category: 50outs

Another poker weekend. There was a local stud tournament here and guess what? I did not liked to go there! The thought of a nice quite night at home was to tempting (you already know, I work far from home half the week). While I liked to play some events online Katja did go there.

It was a two day event with a buyin of 500eur, unlimited 100eur rebuys for the first few levels and then three possible 200eur rebuys for some more levels if could get pretty expensive if you run bad. The levels were relative short with 30 minutes and the limit started with 20-100 (spread limit) and a stack of only 1000 chips. Katja needed two 100eur rebuys before she finally started to catch something and finished the first day with an about average stack. She came home right thereafter and joined my for some more online action.

The second day had an early start at 6:30 p.m. to gain some more time for the cash game (casinos here are not open 24/7) and Katja was doing excellent. At the end of the rebuy phase she called me to talk about taking one or more of those 200eur rebuys, now add-ons. For each 200eur another 4,000 chips would be given, her stack size being about 17,000. She said she was the tables chip leader so far and in good standing overall. I recommended to take just one add-on. I am not sure if the math is right and to lazy now to calculate but that is what my stomach said. She did it exactly like I suggested like any good wowan would do (lol). From there on she went to take the co-chip lead within the next few levels. Like things go she got busted shortly before arriving in the price money against the other chip leader when she lost full house in 5 cards against a better full house arriving with the 5th, 6th and 7th card. Outch.

Katja did play some cash game thereafter (500 eur pot-limit stud/holdem half/half) but after loosing another 4 full houses she had enough (and had lost enough) and came back home to me far after midnight.

I was playing many events over the weekend. Friday night I played the $109+R tournament on stars and managed to avoid any rebuy and even the add-on as I had a monster stack. In fact we had “Gigabet” on our table who made about 30 rebuys (not kidding) and played like crazy so after the first hour the four chip leaders were all on my table and me being one of them. I had played only 4 hands, all of them being 77. I won two coinflips with them and sucked out one time against 4 players when a 7 rivered. Big pot. There were many players in the tourney but I finally finished 18th some before the money then my AA lost to AQs (should have waited for 77).

Saturdays $300+30 event saw me going home quickly hen I lost set over set in 3 minutes two times.

Sunday I played a $3+R qualifier for the nights $500,000 guaranteed and managed to qualify with only one rebuy, so for a investment of $6 I got my $215 worth seat. This turned out to be good invested time as I got 59th in there for a $1,500 winner. 59th is good, considering over 3,300 players. It was ok to bust there as I was card dead for many hours and stole my chips to stay just below average most of the time. I re-raised an all-in player (very few chips) with KQo for protection but someone found AKo and called. That was a marginal play, I knewed that but there was already 30k in the pot with the blinds being 6,000-12,000 and 400 ante and the all-in players chips and I was in middle-late position. I busted at 3:30 a.m. our time here and had to leave at 4:30 for my job in Stuttgart. I did sleep that hour and some more while traveling but the day was pretty hard anyway – boring meetings, being tired and having missed the $130,000 first-place money is a combination I dont like to much 😉

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