Wasted Lands

13. October 2006 | Category: 50outs

US-President Bush created just one more wasted land. Today he signed the port security bill that passed senate two weeks ago and see! Ports are save now! Jipi! USA saved by president bush! Proof is available for everyone this time. See yourself:

Looks like my former business balance sheet

PokerStars is staying in business and will be huge, only future will show how things turn out but I am pretty positive that Stars will be in good shape. Did you know that PokerStars has already a share of 35% european customers (compared to party’s 25%)? I did not but learned it today from a “reliable” source – the owner himself! He also stated PokerStars is still holding the balance of all player accounts together in segrated accounts, away from operational money.

We received the TV coverage from WDR about Katja recently and I uploaded it to YouTube. If you wonder about the appearance of that slim, good looking, young and energetic guy (me) after about half of the film, let me tell that it took “only” 5 shoots to have me walking by in that unbelievable fashionable way. Not kidding, only 5 shoots! Am I a pro or what? (“That was perfect, you’re wonderful. Let’s do the shoot just one more time”):

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